Flooded emotions
Spiraling out of control
Little pill please work

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feeling of a dead leaf

feeling of a dead leaf

whose going to die

theres not much time left

to become a dry 

its like i'm not getting anything

i'm not getting water

i'm not geting sun

i'm not getting food

to live in this crazy life

people loves to take me home

they loves to decorate their home with me

but forget give me what i love

i can't say anything

cause i'm not mine

i'm their property not mine

i'm far away from my friends whose mine

i don't feel free

as i feel in plant with everyday

look at the sky

they act so badly

badly then a dry desert

atleast there i can get sun

at somewhere people give me water

but here i'm dying and nobody cares

feeling of a dead

feeling of a dead leaf

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because at sometime people act so badly with us and  sometimes we are in such a  situation where we feel like a dead leaf.

i don't know about others but i know about me

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