family love

My grandma's house

They say home is where your heart is, and my heart is at my grandmother’s house.

As far as I can remember I used to go to my grandma’s house every weekend since I was a baby. I can picture perfectly my grandma baking cookies in the kitchen, and reading books in the library for hours.

The house is amazing, it has at least 30 different rooms. Each one of them has a special essence, and thousand memories that the walls keep. A smelly carpet on the floor, a comfy couch and the same old clothes are things you can find in this crazy house. As much as I love my grandmother she is not an usual grandmother. She has things in her house that no one would think an old lady could keep. Four cats, and three dogs who run over the place are some of the things that happen in there. A big backyard and a pool are part of her house too. When I was a little girl I used to explore all the things she had inside, and must have played hide a sneak at least a hounded times. Because of his age, my grandpa stayed in bed most of the day. My mom used to tell me stories about the house. Parties, reunions, and some other things are memories she has that the backyard keeps. Everyone on the family has things to tell you about the house that is why it is important telling you about my grandmother’s house. My whole family loves it. From old uncles too cousins, and my dad and his brother. All the family things that had happened in here are special for us. I guess is the place that has magic on it.

There are Memories wrapped on every carpet, laughs, jokes, and mock from my little cousin and romantic stories from all of my mom’s brothers. I hope some day I can go back and just lay on the grass full of flowers below the black cherry tree that my grandma loves to keep. I look forward to creating my own memories in that house with my children and husband. That house will become a treasure full of memories from generations back and those to come. This is the happiest house I know, and I will keep all the memories it has gave me for telling my kids when I become an old lady.

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Remember when....

Last night i stood in your doorway, remembering way back when. I stood and thought of those times, that i tucked you in. I closed my eyes and said goodnight, just like in the old days. It made me smile and made me think, man we have come a long way. I can still recall the times that we used to lay and read, or watch the late night tv shows, bedtimes we didn't always need. I think I was the first one to always fall sleep, when it should have been you that was counting all the sheep. You have grown up oh so fast, but i didn't know it then. That these days would be here so soon, the days of remember when. So i hope you take the time to remember when, cause life comes at you so fast these days its good to stop and take it all in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just walking past my kids room one night, remembering when....

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light of our lives


This man we live with
Wakes up early morning
Sleeps late at night
Seems like he doesn’t care
But he is always there

Composing a strong face while his sad
He doesn’t know how to express his emotions
As grown man don’t cry
Nor show their emotions
Especially to the people he calls his children

Our strong father
Always composed
Always holding a strong hand over us
Sometimes it feels as though he does not love us
But in reality he would die for us

The man who provides for his family
Punishes his body to get up and go to work every morning
Comes home late at night
Children thinking whether their father is alright
He smiles gently towards them and tells them
I’m ok

The man with the silver moustache
And the hair that never goes grey
We love that man so very much
Sometimes we just hope he realises just that

Our hard working man
We so wish he would put himself before us
Always thinking about others and never showing his weakness
Sometimes we just want to break down and cry
Whisper into his ear and ask
Daddy, are you fine?

Our survivor and supervisor
Our Commander and chief
We love this man from the bottom of our hearts
And this man will always be our loving father!

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Love After Death

It's been 14 years to this day
Since you were taken away.
I know you are in a better place
But that doesn't mean i don't want a taste
Of what it woulda been like to have you around
To have never left our small little town.
I always thought it would get easier over the years
But every year i still shed tears.
I don't remember much
But i still miss you a bunch.

I hate the way they talk about you.
I never know what to do
I just tell them they're wrong bu they don't seem to care
I don't find this very fair.
But i can't change what they think
They think they can give me the missing links.
Yet i know how i feel
And i know what is real.
You are my father
I wasn't a bother
But most importantly i know you loved me.
They just need to leave me be.
Cause even though i didn't get much time to spend with you...
I love you too.

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To my Daddy :'(

My Rising Sons

This is of the love I share
With my sons I hold so dear
They are my life, my very world
They are the beings that are adored
They came into my life against my will
But I love them all my heart even still
I would not give them for the universe
They are my blessing, not a curse
Every day I hold them and play
How I care for them I cannot say
Through the smiles and the tears
Through their triumphs and their fears
I will be there with comfort and love
Whether or not they push and shove
When they play and when they fight
I will be there to help with all my might
No matter what happens to me in life
I will watch them grow and live with strife
Death will never come for me
Until they are strong enough to see
The love I feel for them is strong
Even beyond death, my heart is where they belong
They shine bright through my darkest hour
They are like the rising sun, sorrows they devour
They burn up the pain, they burn and bring joys
Perfect little beings, my precious baby boys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About y 2 wonderful sons

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