My Rising Sons

This is of the love I share
With my sons I hold so dear
They are my life, my very world
They are the beings that are adored
They came into my life against my will
But I love them all my heart even still
I would not give them for the universe
They are my blessing, not a curse
Every day I hold them and play
How I care for them I cannot say
Through the smiles and the tears
Through their triumphs and their fears
I will be there with comfort and love
Whether or not they push and shove
When they play and when they fight
I will be there to help with all my might
No matter what happens to me in life
I will watch them grow and live with strife
Death will never come for me
Until they are strong enough to see
The love I feel for them is strong
Even beyond death, my heart is where they belong
They shine bright through my darkest hour
They are like the rising sun, sorrows they devour
They burn up the pain, they burn and bring joys
Perfect little beings, my precious baby boys

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