Please Stop... Don't Go


I see you're leaving early again

I wish you'd stop as I count to ten

The music's gone and the light begins to fade

I'm tortured now and the glass will start to break


What we have is nothing but grass

Starts so green but will never last

All we love to do is pretending

Each night, you come and go as you please


I told myself the truth a million times

But they'd be gone when I look at your eyes

I may forever be blind and accept the lies

But I never want you to go and say goodbye


I hate you for all the things you do to me

But no one ever made me feel this way

I beg you please come back and just be right here

Please stop, don't go even just for today


Only in this little while

Please stay even one more time

Don't leave me alone tonight

Don't say one hurtful goodbye


Please stop, don't open the door

Don't go, don't make these tears fall

If you stop, heaven will take me

If you go, hell awaits for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"PLEASE STOP... DON'T GO" is my poem that is influenced by Taylor Swift's Come Back... Be Here in her Red album. It's about needing someone that you don't want him ever to leave your side

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I know it's been too long ago

I won't remember how it felt

Filling my head fast are echoes

Then scenes remind me how I fell


We are here in the middle of the road

We don't care if cars pass us by and go

I'm  with my friends and you're all alone

Your gaze then tells me things I don't know


After a lot of smiles and luck,

God knows you caught me real undone

All my walls fell unguarded

One long shot and I dropped dead


I see us again in a large hall

Agreeing on a thing we kept secret

After my class we go for a walk

Fighting over a text message you sent


It had been always like that

But tonight I keep my hopes so high

I pray everything will be alright

Still I see me go home sad


The last night went very awful

You walked me home with no closure

The next day I felt I was sued

Watched all of it plunge with no cure


They were just like yesterday

I recall the accounts all too well

Even your sweet, devious smile and scent

I see all of them today

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about things I experienced 3 years ago but they were all "UNFORGOTTEN"

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                                looking to find. 

                                moment so rare,

                                not looking behind

                                just a sleepless stare 

                                in dream state we bind.

                                a jigsaw piece

                                we find. 

                                a place to be free

                                the othe side, 

                                no one knows where 

                                but every one hides.

                                lay in waiting


                                not sure but exciteing.














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Let the light in

Encircled around us
the city awakens soon,
the morning chases
our celestial night away.
Behind the clouds
we see disappearing moon,
past, present and future
fuse together as we are one.
Dawn is reluctantly approaching
a new day will begin,
Soon i will open the curtains
and let the new light in..

I gaze over to see
your eyes ever so glistening
filling me and compelling me
with colors of coming sun,
all with thundering rapture
that this new day will bring,
I touch your back,
kiss your neck,
and feel your skin,
then rise up to pull the curtains
to let the morning light in...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for a lover..

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love poems

Oh how I miss you,
You’re on life’s seven wonder list.
The little things you do,
Such perfection is hard to resist.
Give me a call,
Fighting the urge to snuggle.
Or should I call,
Oh what a struggle.
Thinking of you,
Making my day go by with joy.
Help me I’m falling,
I’m only a boy.
Weak and human,
Only choice is continuing.
There has to be a reason,
For these things that I'm feeling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when we're apart...

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Christina Divine

Late into the night
Came forth Christina Divine,
I read my love poems to her,
Such sweetness before valentine,
For her my soul began to stir...

Her long dark raven hair,
Shined like the midnight sun,
Dark eyes bewitching me,
A good witch her work be done.
For Christina's love will set me free...

It's all so easy to fall for her,
Her laying on of tender hands,
Will catch me from the free fall
Of my fragile house built upon sand,
With Christina, love conquers all...

Come again tonight and hold me,
Enclosing me in your angelic wings,
Sing my songs to me so easily,
Childhood laughter she will bring,
Christina, come to me and love me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Te Amo Amor Vincit Omnia...

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Love in Flight

See the two birds soar,
weightless in the wind,
floating like the butterfly,
forever and ever to ascend
In sky so heavenly blue.

Blue for me,
blue for you...

Two birds towards the sun they go,
Gliding in the autumn breeze,
Effortlessly in endless flight,
while we stroll below them in our ease,
Along our garden path...

You pick a flower for me,
and i one for you...

Soft petals blow in the wind,
We wish for our own wings to fly,
Like the gulls above flapping feathers,
For now we can only breathe and sigh,
That our love will carry us away....

As a feather floats down for me,
and a soft downy one for you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a romantic walk through the park holding hands...

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What i see

I see myself in your eyes ur heart is my jail and im your prisoner u have it open for me leave but i cant,i can see my name at the bottom of your heat and i have your name all over mine,i see beautiful girls all over but out of all of the girls i see i can only see you like a tunnel vision the lights darken and concentrate on you,i see you the love of my life

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#1 Fan

How can I tell you how valuable you are?

You are my smile, my happiness, you are my shining star.


How can I show you how much you mean?

When the value you’re worth has yet to be seen?


Words cannot express someone like you

Who shows heart and love in all that you do


So I’ll try to describe it the best way I can

By telling you I love you

 Signed your #1 fan.

-Linda C

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