This is Ahhh revolution in music that's what ur ears are hearing ; never fearing da words that come so close & near & ; im entwined with da shrine thats heavily enriched in my mind ; graphic designs twist ; fuse ; & combine with da everlasting beat thay comes from my heart line ; & da beat goes on & never fades away ; feeding my thought processs & shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; I say ... my words are miracle visuals ; criminals of the typical lyrical syllables ; blind from the visible pinnacles that the pitifuls set ; I'm da principle u nuttin but a substitute pet ; & I'm tired of these immature haters with there fake double layers portrayin who they really are ; wen they nuttin but some failures ; while I'm building up my paper I see it's building up they're anger ; & it's jus pathetic in there nature ; cuz that type of shit can break y'all ; losers with a couple degrees y'all jus some major fakers ; not even worth my time to spit a decent line when I can school these niqqas in a nursery rhyme ; cuz listen ; twinkle twinkle ; ur mom was smoking my cigar ; type bazaar going far while she gazed up to a star ; u need to understand how small u really are ; ur an average key niqqa ; Getting schooled by a space bar ; & I can keep going but this shit would be way to long ; but come at me again & I'll turn ur existence into a sing along.


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