I don’t have faith

In a lot of things

But for some reason

I have faith in you


We have only talked

Three days and something

Says, 'just have faith'

And I find I do, in you


It means a lot to me

What we've shared

The meet up was to the point

This is me, that’s you


We just put that

On the back burner

And got to the real root

Of what we want/need


Then marriage and kids

Or am i moving too fast

I just know that

I am not wrong about you



Written on


October 4, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to a guy named Will. It obviously didnt work with him

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Simply Saying


I just met you

Only a week ago

And I'm already

Starting to see it


I'm starting to feel

That my heart

Is no longer mine

Its becoming yours


I cant quite say

That I love you

But its coming

Oh so quickly


See my heart

There on the shelf?

See how its bruised?

Do you see it?


That is because

I handed it out to

Absolute morons

That abused it


But something tells me

That you wont

Break it just because

You want to


So here I am simply

Saying that you can

Have my trust, my faith

And before too long


You will have my heart

And my love and my body

And not too long after

You will have my hand



Written on


May 12, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy I dont remember. Obviously, he wasnt worth too much.

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Before the bananas ripe

let's meet at least once
lest the fog dampen passion
let's water our love
the sun is bright this morning
and night's promising
let's meet and unfreeze winter
of years, drink some wine
restore warmth of faith and hope
and heal the breaches
without black goggles for seeing
let's meet at least once
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When the dawn ends,

You were leaving.

Cradled in your pain,


You didnt want to fail yourself again.

Grassy dew-

Can't undo.

The feelings and your memories,


Stopped giving,

Upon living.


But she gave you,


What you begged and desired,


For continous love and,


Hope, that you're not,


Alone and on your own.


Faded bruises-

Your self abuses.

Traveling through your veins-

Burgundy, blue shades held within.

Your dead ends and disappointments-

Drifting from your memories.

Hoping for a chance to make a stand-



She gave you,


Love stood the chance,


Above the stains and,


Never good enough,


For the pain you seek to,



She gave you love.

When you wouldnt love yourself.

Keeps me warm

Knees so weak-

But full of power.

Glances through and through-

Tears wore out.

He's tall as a tower-

His grasp pulls me through.

Through, this hurricane.


Crashing waves would pull me under-

But his love gives me strength.

Maybe I should run,

Run for cover.

But his palms keep me safe.

Through, this hurt and pain.


I might be lost in this fire-

But I feel peace and warmth.

One deep breath-

Oceans sweep and swept.

Alone, but not alone.

Through, this hurricane.


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The Trio

The way, the truth, the life

Its words that i dont question

But you cant have the trio

Without having the confession



For every sin that you allow

To grab at your heart

It gives ground to the enemy

To let destruction start



He tries to take away happiness

And replace it all with pain

But theres one place he cant get

So he attacks at the brain



Because with God in your heart

The Devil will never win

He can knock all he wants

But he will never get in



I read it now in Hebrew

Where God will never leave me

Even inside a whale

He didnt leave Jonah, Did he?



We put too much faith

Into the work of man

When they say I CANT

God says I CAN



Through our failures and mistakes

Man will try to condemn you

But Jesus outstreched his hands

And said this is what ill do



With nails through his hands

He hung on that tree

Took away all those failures

He did it for me



Now walking through this earth

We have many other alleys

But if we trust in God

He will bring us through the valleys



Our Holy Father is waiting

Sitting there with his Son

Saying dont worry about the Devil

The battles already done!!!


by:  Blake Markle

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Casting Shadows

(Heavy Guitar intro through two measures, then fade to soft with drums and bass soft)


I'm right here Lord where you found me, bent down as I prepare my light.

I'm looking around, but there's something wrong with my eyes.

So many people around me falling to the ground.

Sometimes I feel like they only see shadows when I'm around...


I stand up still holding my light. They don't even seem to notice.

Being still, just staring into the light. I can't see what's behind.

Then I turn around, and they are all staring at me...

because I'm the one that's turned blind!!!


(Everything heavy to start the chorus)


I don't want to spend my life casting shadows around me!

Please God show me once again how to see!

I'm casting these shadows to all I love,

and all that can save me is heaven up above!!!


(Heavy guitar solo which turns into a dual guitars solo)


I'm spending my life casting shadows all around me!

Please God show me once again how I can see!

I'm casting these shadows to everyone I love,

and all that can save me is the Lord God above!!!


Casting shadows isn't how I should be!

It's becoming clear again I see!

Stop casting shadows now to everyone you love,


(guitar softens)


...because you never know when they'll be called by God above...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend of mine sent me a message on facebook asking if I could collaborate with him on some lyrics because he had read some of my stuff. I have had writer's block for a good whikle now, and I think this just conquered it! PRAISE GOD!!! All of the credit goes to the Lord above!

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In the Darkest of Times

In the darkest of hours,

Light cannot be seen

With these eyes of ours,

Nor by ordinary means.


In the darkest of minutes,

Light can be seen inside;

It will guide us through labyrinths.

It is found where our spirit resides.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a quick thing I wrote up

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About An Amish Farm


Acres and acres of lush, green land,
As far as my eyes can view.
Rows of corn, standing tall,

So high and straight, they grew.


Silos dot, along the landscape,
Filled with a previous harvest's yield.
Windmills stand, like metal skeletons,
Alongside every, plowed-straight field.


Plows, pulled by mighty horses,
Doing the work of mighty machines.
Families working, side by side,
It all looks so calm, so very serene.


Gardens there, are overflowing,
With vegetables ripe and ready.
Orchard trees, groaning from weight,
Of fruits, with fragrance's, heady.


Colorful clothes, hang across a line,
Drying in nature's wind-blown way.
Sizes going, from big, then to small,
Tell you that, today is washing day.


Quilts of rainbow, colored hues,
Draped across, a front porch rail.
A sign tacked there, upon a post,
Announcing they are, 'For Sale'.


A farmhouse with, a few additions,

For their now older, generations.

Grandparents aren't put, into nursing homes,

But cared for, by their own relations.


A barn, a coop, a buggy shed,

A phone shanty, at the end of the lane.

Maybe even, a roadside stand,

Selling fresh produce and trinkets, plain.


Scents there, they all mingle together,
Apples, and still-warm, shoe-fly pie.
And from the barnyard, you can smell,
Fertilizer's tell-tale odor, a-drifting by.


No rush-about, to get things done,

That aren't too important, anyway,

Leaves more time, for family and friends-

More time to think...and more time to pray.


Little children, all scamper about,

In stair-step sizes aplenty.

Its fun to see them bustle around,

And try to count, just how many!


Each of them, has their tasks,

And sets about, doing their chores.

Their time isn't spent, with video games,

But actually enjoying, the wondrous outdoors!


Daad, is out there, in the field,

And Mamm is inside, baking bread.

The home is stark, in a simple beauty-

The family Bible, well-worn...and well-read.


No electric lights, or annoying sounds,

Of too many devices, all distracting.

No, here is a family, being a family,

That are actually together, and interacting!


An Amish farm, just makes you feel,
Like you went back, to a time before.
A time of peace, and of simpler life,
Which to me, is it's most beckoning lure.


I wish more people, could learn from them,

About Faith, about family, about forgiving.

For there's something about, an Amish Farm,

That makes a simpler life, so worth living.



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