03-29 Between You and Me,


I lie to myself.

I lie and I believe.

I know, I know, it’s so naive.

I lay a trap to catch you fallin’

for it on your own.

Once again, I can’t get out.

And then the stars whisper secrets

to each other in their penthouse suites

of ways they can endure the cameras

following their weary feet in

steps drawn on the dance floor

secretly, so only black lights show

the shining shimmering reflection,

ink invisible that glows.


I know, I know it’s not important

to remember why

I mentioned anything at all.

This time we’ll lay the trap together

and jump into the center

to wait for no one to find

where it is we went

in such a hurry to relax,

stretched out on our backs

and gathering the strength

to never move again,

pretending that the sky

won’t find our secret,

and won’t flush us out.

So, sleep, darling, sleep.

Let your dreams count the seconds

passing by like the clouds

that gently cover your closed eyes

from the light that might disturb you.

Softly stirring, no one heard you,

except me,

and I will never tell

on you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...skipped 3-28's entry - it was too drafty.

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Lexie Peters's picture

peaceful. makes me wanna sleep :)