A Reminder

Take a new path

Cut through the twisted land of despair

The EverAfter

land of the shattered souls

Journey of a life

Fallen angels

Black wings upon their backs



Depressive bloody waters of the EverAfter

My tormented hell

The cycle of the day

Sacrifice my broken inner self

The change of the personnified hell of this land

I can't feel no longer

The touch of Tayla

The kiss of Redemption

The Embrace of Hel

Locked into this land

Broken souls of the shattered corrupted work

I am at the end of all things

Which way to turn

Removing my mask

Taking a leap and bring the EverAfter out

Tayla is my heart

Gone from the world of the livin

Forever a spirit to stay close

Trapped in the Everafter

Blood filled sea

Depression filled sky

Storms of bitter emotion

Mountains of the looming fears

My dark personnified nightmare of Sacrifice

Dreams of the good of life are a flickered sunset

The world grows darker

Shelfs of the emotions of life begin to merge

No longer an ordered to these twisted emotions

Sacrifice is all of them

Te EverAfter is the place for all of this

A plane of my life hidden in shadow

Kept from the eyes of others

Tayla is my heart

A shattered spirit

My last connection to a plane

The EverAfter is home

Nightmareis personnifed shattered world

The sea of bloody tears

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