Territorial Imperative (An Affected Poem About Chances In Love)

Territorial Imperative 


You know that I could love

you with agape;


It is such a wonder that you

had stopped me on my way


But when I had to think of you

It has kept me dazed—always


My waking states alter day-to-day

Just for seeing your smiling face


A guy who would be likened

to a man, by a woman


It is unchartered territory,

But it could be the best one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 07.11.2019 (misspelling/typographical error corrections that are affecting its sense-making intended meaning-making attempts, e.g., or losinng. perhaps < or losing*, perhaps):  

"Territorial Imperative" is a poem about getting (or losing, perhaps) our chances in love.  But this is taken from my viewpoint, of my own subjective chance(s) or lack thereof—because it is relational (at the time when it was written).  The date of the comosition supposedly was on 04/18/2017 at around 04:56 A.M. 

Guilt In Fascination.


Overboard again I sin
I have done the things I said I had not
Left in my soul are vices that rot
And decay as I soon should lay
In the basement boards of this forsaken land
Again and again I do as I shall not
Little pity left within a vacant soul
Who will be the one to cross my threshold.

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