Sword within

Cut from the sword within

above her body pale and thin

an accident while having fun

a stray bullet from the gun

his lower lip quake with trubble

her flacid body lay in rubble

now relizing what he's done

he take the trigger on the gun

the gun raise to his head

the trigger pulled and as I said

he was cut from the sword within

all for her, pale and thin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Accidents will happen

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A beauty from heaven

Taken away much to soon

Hair so fair and beauty so rare

Skin so soft to touch

You left for a better place

My heart was torn with your departure

My arms ache to hold you

You were absolute perfection

Our time together ended to swiftly

I dream of what would of been

I can see your smile, I see your dimples

I relive the moment of your birth over and over

If I close my eyes I can see you

If I listen closely I can hear you

If I inhale deeply I can still smell you

In my heart I can still feel you

You left so quietly, without notice

Why is the question that pains me so deeply

Sometimes I long to join you

But I'm still needed here

I eagerly await our reunion

Will you know me I wonder

Kelsey you are forever more safe in my heart

And words alone can not convey how much I LOVE YOU

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this piece for my grandbaby who left this world when she was 2 months 6 days old......sometimes the pain is so great.....and understanding why is a luxury I do not possess!

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Poor little bird;

You've fallen from your nest,

And broke your wing

Before you ever had the chance to fly.

Poor little child;

You've grown up too much

When you had to learn

You were just born to die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A child's first experience with death,and the loss of innocence that goes with it.

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They always say    

That we should live our lives to the fullest,

And be the best we could be;

Maybe we could make a difference.

But in the end,

Our lives lose importance.

We are born,

We live our lives as we choose,

And then we die,

Forgotten in time,forever.

Life is such a fleeting thing.

Soon,we'll all be just dust in the wind

Blowing over an endless sea,

And across an ageless sky.

Every moment passed is a moment lost.

A life is nothing more than one pebble

In the mountain of time,

One star in the Heavens,

One grain of sand on an infinite beach.

When this life is over,we will all die,

And the memories of us will be forgotten,

And we will all

Just keep on blowing

Til the end of time

Like dust in the wind.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was published in The Page,a poetry zine by the Writer's Circle at Elyria High in 1996.

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Through all the forgotten castles of my mind,stands

This one,

I readily go there,all the time,halls and more halls

Of cold emptiness there and pain.Its my domain.

I don't need to build another one,is already here, always

Being there in my head,

So old,starting to fall apart now, like a dark angel at

One time,

Through the ravishes of unforgiven times, now is decaying

Starting from inside, I feel the coldness cutting deep.

It's alive.

There are drafts freezing cold, coming from everywhere,

I taste them, I feel them in my bones, on my naked flesh

But I can't touch them, I can't see them,

Or cover them with any plaster or my single wish,

But they're there, alright, cold, like angry claws

scratching and squeezing my very soul and breath.



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Lost Winter

The winter came

Landing gently on my paper

The trees reached out like veins for the heavens

On the this gloomy night

The swings laid still

I listen for the swaying of the night

And calmness to come to life

The soft drizzle of the creek in my head

The world was alive

And everyone was dead

A voice in the night lay to waste

No one here to listen and follow it’s pace

I could hear deep in my past

Years before this night ever came

I lost my mother

I remember

In the calming nights of December

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Falklands 82



Soggy smelling peat
On a smoke obscured hill,
like a blanket.
Souls bonded together,
fear conquered.
pale pinched faces,
Only the eyes,
Bright, alert,
The mirror of our

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We sat during lulls in the battle for Darwin Hill,in the middle of the burning gorse bushes.In an effort to keep warm.The bodies of the dead kept us company, till the battle ended and they could be recovered.

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