memories danced

with the rhythm of the rain

casting eerie shadows

in this gloomy room

comforting words

were silenced

by this empty space

washed in the solitude

in this last of hours

hazy windows

a testament of pain

eyes drifted to sleep

slowly descending

into this sweet oblivion

a sigh left unspoken


at last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, I’m talking about death and dying…  with no one around you.

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"Fin"   8 - 20 - 01

it doubles me over

it hurts my eyes

you scream of the horror

witnessing my demise

the pain released

the blood spilt red

the flashes of my life

flow thru my head

this searing pain

washes over my soul

years of repression

finally reached their goal

the end of this life

the last beat of my heart

the last gasp of breath

and the blood of my lungs

it was never so sweet

to watch this unfold

the drama, the hurt

the pain untold

of the tortured soul

of this horror filled life

of the rejection of my existence

and the ending of this strife

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My Dearest Love


My dearest love does sleep so deep upon that bed of white.

My dearest love has no feeling, taste, or sound or sight.

My dearest love just lies there dreaming of the days gone by.

My dearest love will never again see the great blue sky.

My dearest love I'll remember all the past things we have done.

My dearest love I'll remember all our days under the sun.

My dearest love I love you, with all my heart and soul.

My dearest love without you, I will never be quite whole.

My dearest love I hope that one day we will meet once more.

My dearest love until that day my poor heart will be sore.

Now rest my dear upon your bed and I shall let you die,

And go to heaven where we shall meet again in the great sky.

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Dying Thoughts


As darkness sets, and the moon begins to rise

My heart is cold and filled with despise

A single drop of blood falls from my eye

As I raise my vision toward the darkened sky

I think of my death, and when it will bless me

My blood falls to the ground as a gentle wind

Does caress me...Then silence...

...I get more frantic...

...As my soul is filled with panic...


The smell of death is all around

The drip of blood the only sound

My mind does scream in tortured pain

How much longer will I stay sane

My heart beats slow

I�m losing control

The darkness invades

My hearing fades

All sounds cease

My pain does increase




















...My last breathe...

...And then death...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ah, I know this one is SOOO stupid -_-;  So I wasn't inspired, sue me (not really O.O)

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2 sides 2 a story


Entering this world through a family of pride.

My parents rules I will abide.

(17)Seventeen, brown hair, light skin

One day becoming a husband and father.

Drugs and alcohol,

why bother?

Graduation day is soon.

Almost time for college.

Father's proud of my extended knowlege.

Getting dressed for my special day

and thinking of why I am grateful.

No enimies,

so I'm not hateful.

Picturing my parents faces when home from the party.

Remembering my dads nick-name for me...

He use to call me "smarty".


I went to the party.


I went to graduation.

Little did I know

I would receive another invitation.


towards him, please don't be mad.

You raised me right, which he didn't receive.

You gave me the love he only wanted to achieve.

He made a mistake.

On the best day of my life he took me away.

How was I to know I wouldn't live another day?


Popping up in this world,

and no one noticing me here.

Parents stricken me with fear.

(17)Seventeen with no goals.

I am a thug and it shows.

Entering man-hood.

When (18)eighteen I get thrown out,

so fuck this place without a doubt.

Not a care in my heart.

Not a worry in my mind

Going to a party,

shoot the first fool I find.

Picturing my parents not giving a damn.

So what...

I didn't graduate.


I went to the party.

Don't even care,

and I'm not sorry!

To blast my gun, I was relieved.

From my homies, much respect I received.

So, I made a mistake and threw my soul away!

Shit happens...

It's just another day.

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He wanted to be a cowboy,

To ride a horse,

And wear real cowboy boots.

His dreams in life were simple.

To grow up and be a cowboy

Was not asking very much.

Each night when he said his prayers,

He asked the Lord above . . . .

"Please God, let me be a cowboy,

And let me ride a horse.

But what I want most of all,

Is to wear real cowboy boots."

He never grew up to be a cowboy,

He never rode a horse.

His little feet never wore real cowboy boots.

At the early age of four,

His life abruptly ended

While riding innocently in a car.

Now each night she enters his empty room

And sees the pictures on the wall.

Cowboys and horses are hanging everywhere.

She sits upon his cowboy bed,

She sees his little face and she smiles.

Then she hears his little voice and she cries,

As she listens to his bedtime prayers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A young child loses his life in a tragic automobile accident. Working in automobile claims for a major insurance company, this is something I see often.  Rarely do I see the reverse, where the child survies and the parents are killed.  Thus inspired the writing of this fictional poem.

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1946 Morning in Phoenix

Silent Spring, O Silent Spring,

Retain thy Advent in the wings.

The little Sleepers in the trees

Lift their tiny wings and sing.

     The birds of summer wake and sing.

     Shall I not rise, shall I not rise

     And walk about the city now

     As if my Love had perished not?

On Sunday last I did so walk

And heard her call, heard Charlotte call.

     I must leave Phoenix now.

     I must leave Phoenix now.

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Death comes to us all.

Many fear it and run from it.

But it will still come.

Don’t worry about when death will come upon you.

Worry about living life

and not letting

death control your life.

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In a twinkle of an eye, life will pass you by.

You'll never even notice, that you've been living a lie.

It's the little things you've done, that really did matter.

Always going unnoticed, it was the start of something better.

Jesus is a way maker, out of no way at all.

All you have to do is believe, it's your move, it's your call.

Don't look no further than your own back yard.

Jesus is the one and only, the only true GOD.

Have faith in him and what he'll do.

Only Jesus can fix it, for me and you.

When you're feeling low, and every thing keeps you down.

Just stand firm with Jesus, he's your solid ground.

When you take one step backward, Jesus will push you two steps ahead.

So how can you not believe, In what the Lord has gave.

It was Jesus upon that cross, He gave his life for all.

For all humanity, from the largest to the small.

Believe in Jesus my brothers, through misery and strife.

Trouble won't last always, only everlasting life.

So don't grieve for our loved ones, who's gone to their Glory.

This is not an ending, only a continuous of Gods Holy Story.

You'll be well missed, yet always loved.

Written By:

Ebony Blessings


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my Nanny: Ms. Glenda Hester / I'll always love you!

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