Someday somehow all our secret moments

will just fade--traceless, indescribable,

like soft breathing in a summer breeze,

Someday somewhere the hot fires

of our heart's desires will simply cease--intractable,

impalpable, like a warm caress in an ocean's crest,

Someday sometime the restless tide

of our endless longings will merely stop--wordless,

unspeakable, like a siren's song in a thunderstorm,

Someday somehow this diaphanous transparency of being

will suddenly vanish--invisible, intangible,

like a strange mirage in the morning mist,


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An End


"An End"   9 - 9 - 01

an end We sought

an end We strived

a relief We needed

the blood will run dry

a soul We lost

a soul We knew

a soul We held

the soul, it was doomed

a life so battered

a heart so broken

a mind so scarred

the lungs so tokened

this lifeless corpse

was once vibrant and new

now a faint reflection

of its once known virtue

the laughter it made

the joy it could express

now lay on the floor

in its own mess...

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Last Day Of Freedom


Listening to the grass grow,
I'm thinking about when I'll hear it again.
It's my last day of freedom.


I don't want to go there,
It's so full of pain.
It's my last day of freedom.


I see the officers walk towards me,
It's like an illusion.
I'm enjoying my last day of freedom.


The world will forget me,
When I'm not around.
It's my  last day of freedom.


It was a crime,
a big one too.
It's my last day of freedom.


I shot her down,
I liked it.
This is my last day of freedom.


She's dead now,
It makes me happy to think of,
On my last day of freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, I didn't actually kill anyone. Nor did I ever attempt to.

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My heart is frozen,
I feel no pain.
The pain is frozen,
In my heart.


The world is frozen,
It feels no pain.
The pain is frozen,
In the world.


The earth is frozen,
I know that.
It is cold to lie here,
Under six feet earth.

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janke was presented

with a silver gift

by Neptune

now he strolls speechless

on the glistening sanddune

mesmerised by this

shimmering silver fish

lifeless and coy

and free

in his hand

this wonderful unblemished fish

unaware of the ecstacy

of a little boy

and of eternity

and decay

will soon

die again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My son stepped unto a fish, washed out by the sea ... not knowing it was dead already ...

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early winter brings a patio

without the bluegum

without the zigzag of birds

and the lacework of leaves

may brings furthermore

the deliverance of the dying


with pale eyes set behind

half-closed eyelids

and ragged hair

he looks attentively inwards

moaning softly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Visiting a dying friend ... with winter stepping in ...

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It's the last embrace you'll ever feel

The ending kiss, life's final seal

When all goes black and your soul is free

When everything is clear, the truths yours to see

It's heartbreak to the living, release for those in pain

It can break the strongest person or strengthen the weakest chain

It can happen in an instant, a horrible surprise

The shocking transpiration, no chance for your goodbyes

There's loneliness and sadness, tears and cries of sorrow

You wonder if it'll stop, if you'll feel better tomorrow

But the next day comes and alas, the pain is all still there

Perhaps it would be better, if you never would have cared

You miss them much, I know it, but I cannot stop the pain

And no matter what you do or say, your life will never be the same

They won't be back to hold you, or push away your fears

They'll never hug you tightly, and wipe away your tears

So remember them well as they live with you, and tell them how you feel

Because remember that death could come today, and be their lifes final seal...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The death of a friends father inspired me...may he rest in peace where ever he is.

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What Have We Done?

Ugonna Wachuku


Drowning calmness and

pure pain unknown 

overwhelm my being

on this dizzy dusk of  

earthly endurance.  













"I have a dream:"






I walk the land unknown.
I walk this land unloved.




When love is gone,
humanity beware! 

When freedom to 

be who we are 

created to be is 

gone, humankind

weep with me and

act for restoration! 


When skin colour bars, 
humankind beware! 

Humankind, we are  

same red blood. 

Black Lives Matter! 

Human LiveS Matter! 


Earthquakes are gathering.
Smiling storms are waiting
to stir-up our lake in the 
heart of earth. Give me 

freedom to love and 

bloom for life; for dying

earth; for dying peoples

on this enchanting earth!


Now, I am giong home.
I am going home.
Yet, I'll be with you
because there is a sea
of unwavering love in
my silent soul because

Humankind, we are

same red blood.  


This day and tomorrow;
and always, I'll still
ask, in the silence of
my aching heart:


What have we done?
What have we done?
What have we done

to one another?
What have

we done,



















What Have We Done?  

~ Critiques/Comments ~

Serene Moment
A thought provoking question for such a thought provoking piece too.
Indeed, that's the question that needs enlightenment and answer from
all of us mankind.

Donna Allard
Ugonna..what a lovely poem! I understand fully between the lines. Keep
Informed Keep Writing Keep Peace Saphire...

Judy Costea
Truly a question that all should be asking. If God loved us enough to
give life and love, Happiness to us, what right do we have to spoil it
by doing the things that have distroyed humanity. And God as a loving
God gives us chance after chance and yet it continues to happen. Can
we as a human race ever be what God intended. Maybe one day this world
will be as it was meant.
Peace and Love walks with you
2003-03-16 18:04:23 

Shaketa Copelin
This was deep, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading...
2003-07-24 14:02:23 

Amber Levering
i loved this one, it seems somewhat sad, but thats what i got outta
it, but god will give you true happiness even through what we've done
2005-08-25 19:07:08 

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Playing with fire

The flames that surround me

burn so bright.

Its heat

surrounds me.

I dare not move

for fear of being burned.

But if I do not move

I will be burned.

Now as the flames move closer

it grows brighter and hotter.

The flames just keep getting

closer and closer.

Now as the flames draw near,

I can start to smell my

flesh burning.  Then I

feel the flames

crawling up my skin.

As I turn to ash I wonder

"Why did I start this fire?"

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