Meh, the blind leading the blind is always so fun, though. Or maybe it's the blind leading those with sight, and those with sight are blindly following.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was actually part of a comment I left for David. I liked it so much that I decided to post it here XP It's just kinda....true.

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Monday Monday


Monday before the winter of our discontent

Monday holding the future on the edge of a knife

Monday with endless possibilities that could follow

Monday before thousands of people die

Monday that stands before a world of sorrow

Monday a haven for the worries of the week

Monday before Tuesday

Monday the scapegoat of those with little faith

Monday imagination’s starting line

Monday before the world reunites

Its Monday

And all I care about is sleep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

good morning Monday

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Comments On Gang Violence

How do we, what can we do, to stop you from hating yourself and killing me too?

Were you looking for someplace to belong, to find love, to find understanding, and solidarity? But now you’re killing you, and me.

Do think so less of your blessed human lives, are you so cold to pick up a knife, and plunge it in anyone’s heart? How did all this madness really start? I thought the gangs were to be as a family. Not the hideous monstrosity, that threatens everyone existence.  

Smothering any humanity in its reach. Hate and destruction is what the gangs teach.

The taking of lives means nothing to the gangs. To kill a child, woman, or man, because it really ain’t no thing? To be beaten into a gang, is meant to shows that you are so tough, but when will you ever truly get enough? Will you ever see what your misguided lives if doing for you and to me?

Those colors you must wear, showing that you are true to the red or blue! Quiet frankly, you are not wearing them! Because, they are wearing you! Wearing you down, wearing your soul down too. Your paying a huge price, your heart’s colder than ice.

With your mind gone you’re so full of pain mixed with hate. When, or if you’ll ever come to your senses, what will become your fate? You can murder, rob following instruction, raising your ego, esteem, and pride. What terrible madness are you attempting to hide? Bringing you to destruction.

Selling poisonous drugs is part of the gang’s pact; this is certainly no way to live or to act.

  Protections, was not supposed to be a negative thing, it is supposed to show that there’s care plus good, however, the gang mentality brings escalating death, pain and violence to our neighborhood’s. So much violence, and death as a way to live, and die, does anyone in the gangs really hurt when they cry?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My daughter saw a woman die in a drive by gang shooting last week in her neighborhood in Oakland, CA. The lack or feeling, and apathy over the senseless murder added to her concern anguish about our people's future!

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My Commentaries

Where did you come from HIV/AIDS?

Out of what corner of the pits of hell?

You have come to decimate and destroy so well?

The horrible nightmares you have sent on the wings of death-

Has brought unlimited wrath and destruction in your wake-

How much more of your devastation can society take?

Countless horrors of astronomical magnitude hurt and harm, and pain you vent.

Yes, it is out of hell that you were sent!

True or not, it has been said that you were not created in a lab.

To contaminate a specific population! The way things stand now

I do not think we will ever know, it does not matter, because

you are free to cause your pain and misery every second of the day.

But if you were a virus produced in a lab!

The sick minds that conceived you knew what they created you for!

Were you sent here to be with us forever more?

The millions/billions of lives you have touched cannot be of much valued as such!

Since you have been allowed to run a muck doing what you do.  

Via trust, love, poverty, ignorance, shame, condemnation, bigotry, and low self-esteem we attain you.

You have made your presents here on earth a living hell, for which your victims know so well.

It appears that we may never be rid of you, and the painful havoc that you wreck!

If the real cure for you we do not diligently sleeked, and fairly delivered to your victims, so you can finally be put down.

The cost of ridding us of you is astranomical too. But that is the price that we must pay to stop the spread of AIDS today!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The statistics are in... We seem to be losing the fight! Write, or call your elected officals! Make them take a stand on this war!

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Something Is About To Die

My Commentaries

Something is about to die – when, what, where, who, or why it would be? It is really a mystery to me.

Something is going to die - is it inside, or outside of me? I wonder what it could be? I do not fear you hear life it dear.

Something is about to die – is it condemnation, self-hate & doubt, what is it really all about?

Something is going to die – I can feel it in my bones, am I don’t think I’m being silly or paranoid?

Something is about to die – please let it be frustration and let peace and tolerance come in.

Something is going to die – could it is prejudice & bigotry - I hope it does, so it can maybe heal society’s ills.

Something is about to die – we could use a lot less ignorance too – especially when it comes to me and you!

Something is going to die – in order for something to be born, live, thrive, and grow and to achieve greatness that it should.

Something is about to die – this I do truly believe, and if it is condemnation, self-hate, doubt, ignorance, prejudice, bigotry, and frustration I desire them out of you and me.

It would not make me sad. In fact it would make me rather glad. How about you? Don’t you want that something to die too?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got the feeling that there is going to be a major change where, who what when or why? But, I know that something has to die in order for it to happen...

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Tryin To Live

Mad FLow

I wake each morn

after the night I`ve slept

And thank dear God

for this soul he kept.

See, no day is ever promised

yet we try to live on

without giving any glory

to whom all praises belong.

I`m tryin` to flip this message

cause it`s time to be strong

No stress, represent,

and be glad you were born.

I`m Just tryin` to live

honor God, No doubt.

To keep my heart pure

with honesty, shows clout.

When I represent I do so keenly,

I rep my team and rep-up, supremely

Some heads can`t comprehend exactly what I mean, B

But you can`t know truth if you can`t come clean, see?

I`m walkin these streets

livin life to these beats

seekin gain and increase

thru my thoughts on these sheets.

Since the beginning of time

and the onset of minds

we`ve had guidance divine

through a peace that`s sublime.

Like a lyrical Jihad for the dome

Like the hammer drives the nail straight home

Like tryin to make a life flippin verbs

Like guiding the "def" to the words

Like puttin verbal milk on the shelf

Like teaching a mind to reach for itself

Like time smokes the clock cause it`s real

Like spittin funky words heads can feel.

So I walk everyday by faith

standing strong as the pyramids base

I`m Tryin to Live for the crucifiction

I think I`ll step with purpose as I walk with conviction.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just always tryin to put down something on paper that`s positive. As whatever you put on paper is a reflection of what resides in you.

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4-8-04 Comment on "My Immortal"


I hope that you dont mind me using this space, but I just wanted to give you a written opinion on this poem you wrote. You have a good writing style, and you have good ideas written in this poem. You put it together really good, and it sounds good; however it would be so much better, in my opinion that is, if you used only your words.

The lines you wrote straight from your heart were awsome, and sound so original. I understand that you do like to use a line or so, every once in a while from another artists lyrics because it conveys what you feel the best at the time. But, let me tell from experience, over 2 years of it in fact, that the most perfect descriptions of what you feel will come straight from your heart, and will be in your own words. Take time to read just the lines you came up with together, and you will see what I mean. This is a good poem and it does say to me "you are in love with someone, but you are in blind denial."

Understand, that when the sun is out we can see no other stars...but at night we can see them all. Dont be blinded by the closest star, because the brightest star may be the one we hold in  our arms everyday...

Dustin Wallace AKA The Legend

Senior 4-8-04

2nd semester

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dunno what to say about this comment he gave me, but that he was right. You were right Dustin, you were so right...

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How Many Times?

How many proofs I need to submit

Before all of you will believe

That I am not guilty of your accusation

And that my conscience is clear.

How many words I need to say

Before all of you will understand

That we are just only friends

Plain pals no more, no less.

How many times I need to reiterate

That we are close due to sameness

In belief, in traits, in interests

And the friendship that we've established.

How many times you need to ask me

These same old non-sense questions...

How many times I must repeat

These same answers coming from my heart.

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Midnight Moscow and the Late Night Entertainment (13/12/94)


13/12/1994 00:43am R.Lindstrom

Back again and not much has changed. The buildings are still gray. People still dress like they’re corpses. Alcohol is still cheaper than food. The pollution is extremely evident with every breath you take. People still can’t speak English. I’m still drunk. It’s still too hot inside. It’s still too cold outside. All the kiosks are still in the same places they were two years ago. All the kiosks still sell the same shit they did two years ago. The dismal-pessimistic-despair expressions on people’s faces haven’t changed.

What has changed? The economy’s worse. Vimpelkom’s office looks a lot better. The average male life expectancy is probably lower. I’m at a different hotel.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's see what beautiful images I can reflect upon from my Nigerian adventure, almost ten years later.

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