Birth of Abstract Art

An artist painted landscapes

and seascapes that were beyond compare,

But no one bought them,

they just didn't care.

In anger, he threw the canvas to the ground

dumped his paints on it and all around.

He wadded up his cleaning rags

Threw them on too

Then came to his senses and thought "what a fool."

He picked up the canvas,

Placed it on the easel to dry,

As one of many art lovers

Just happened by.

"What is this?"

They exclaimed with glee,

I must have this painting for me.

How much do you want

Price is no barrier.

One thousand, two, I don't care.

"Are you hearing this jive?"

said another, I will give you five.

The artist looked on as if in a spell,

"That is not art, it is trash I will not sell."

The suitors were leaving

The artist's eyes fell,

"To think, Five thousand dollars...

What the hell?!?"

"Wait a minute,"

He implored,

"For five thousand dollars,

yes I will whore."

So because real art was scorned,

Abstract trash was born.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any resemblence to fact in this poem is strictly coincidental. I don't have anything against abstract art, but I get a kick out of people trying to figure out what the artist was trying to say, when in effect, they were just putting together a color palette on canvas to go in a particular room of their home. It is just pretty colors, like some poetry I have read, have no message or is so buried in abstractions that it is totally lost in the pretty words. Not to say it doesn't take talent, it takes a real command of the language to do that, but the purpose of language is to communicate and if the message is encoded, it kind of leaves me dry.

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Such Hypocrisy!

'Make no wars!'
they scream,
adding filth and nasty words,
hate filling their darkened
and soul-empty eyes.
Eyes of those who claim
no hatred for any being.

But oh, how they lie.
They hate us,
they hate their country
they hate their freedoms.
They hate so much more,
than those of us
who wish to end tyranny
for all.

They curse us out,
with vulgarities
and loathing anger
in their faces,
venom upon their tongues.

Its such hypocrisy!
Such falseness of their
misguided objectives,
when done with utter malice
and contempt.

They practice not
what they preach-
This 'peace'
they so claim to desire,
as they stand there and call 'US'
'Fuc$#%& War Mongers'
with blood-lust in their souls,
...murder on their minds.

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The War Of The Peace

No preconception

of their protested hurled words.

Just allowed to fly forth

from spewing mouths,

these people,
who claim to be

'lover's of peace'

are by far the nastiest

and most cruel

with their double-edged,
cutting tongues.

They claim we must love

and not war,

Yet to make their points,

they war against those who

are of opposite opinion-

Downright dirty in their

ways of doing so.

the modern day
'wanna-be hippies'

are the proverbial

'pot calling the kettle black'

hypocrites of all they claim

to not be of.

Its 'the war of the peace'

and 'irony' never had

so strong a definition.

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Those Who Oppose

To those who oppose

America's liberation

of Iraq,

liberation from


from tyranny,

those who cry out

about innocents

being killed-

I ask you this...

WHERE were your protests?

WHERE were your cries of pity?

WHERE was your outrage

when those same


were being tortured,

raped, killed,

by their very own


Why was your

bleeding heart

so silent then?

Why was your

droning voice

so muted then?

Why cry,

'unjust' now,

when you turned,


to their 30 year plight

under a dictators

brutal regime?


didn't you care,


yet NOW you claim

WE are in the wrong?

Your 'concern'

for the innocence

of Iraq

is tainted.


by your previous


You care not

for innocence,

but merely care

for yet another

soapbox performance

of your

short-sighted views

and a deep-seeded


to BE an opposer

of all America does.

You are simply

nothing more

than self-rightous

attention whores

who are the 'CON'

of every 'PRO.'

The opposite of

any positive.

The Ying

to any Yang.

-No better

than the NOW defunct

tyranical leadership

of Iraq,

who also,

'cared not'

for the innocent.


who shedded more tears

for baby seals

and rainforests

than for the innocents.


who support

the very killing of innocence

by way of abortion,

now scream out

against the killing


You can NOT claim

to be indignant

of our actions

there, now,

when before,

you were indifferent

to their suffering,

to their tortures,

to the genocide.

Why, did you,

the opposers,

keep so silent,

so many years,

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I See the Old Year Slip Away

I see the old year slip away--

A candle fading in the night--

With every death I find a way

A new beginning to ignite.

I leave behind all that I own,

All the illusions of my youth,

Taking this journey all alone

To open the gates of truth.

There is no turning back for me,

I've left the ghosts of the past--

Condemned forever to the sea

Like an eternal outcast.

The moon dissolves inside my veins,

As stars descend upon my eyes,

And in the music of the rain,

I float in the evening sky.

December 21, 2003

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War Is Staged Murder

(in memory of Weldon Kees)

"An idiot wind is blowing; the conscience dies."

--Weldon Kees (1914-1955)

War is staged murder, nothing more,

And all the patriotic whores

Who sing of liberty are dead--

Their shallow lives are filled with dread

Of walking home late at night--

War is staged murder--it's all right

To follow orders and conform--

Just kill and wear a uniform--

It's a preventive genocide,

While God... He loves the winning side.

January 7, 2004

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The World Collapsed

(for Teresa)

The world collapsed, and I was feeling fine,

Somebody said: "Hooray, the war is over!"

While I was looking into a stranger's eyes,

Riding a bus to work with a hangover.

Some folks made big profits from the war,

I saw them laughing, talking on cell phones,

While I was wondering what was this killing for,

Feeling somehow that I was all alone.

A little boy plays war games in the yard--

He, like his father, wants to be a man--

But I'm just imprisoned in my heart,

Not knowing why I'm here or who I am.

I dream of love but it is hard to find

Amidst these dreary homes and barren trees

And see the world impersonal and blind--

Devoid of beauty and humanity.

I watch the stars that glow in the night

And realize that pain comes with desire,

For love is there if we stir our minds

To reach beyond this world for something higher.

February 2, 2004

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Don't Follow Anyone

Don't follow anyone who runs for office

Or paints you a perfect paradise--

Don't follow anyone--just follow what you know--

What you can fathom with your heart and eyes.

What is a poem but a sign along the road

That's posted by some madman or a fool?

It doesn't tell you where to stop or go--

It only makes you question all the rules.

Some day you'll find that if you really listen

To secret voices deep inside your heart,

You'll realize what you've been really missing

And know once again just who you are.

You'll realize that you are too a poem,

That love's the only truth that can unite,

That we are all together yet alone--

Each just a spark of some eternal light.

February 4, 2004

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You Can`t Send Out

Well, you can't send out for happiness like pizza,

"Extra love and hold the heartache please,"

And mail order wasn't made for people either,

" I'll have large and do they come in threes?"

You have to get out there and fight for every bit

If it's happiness that you desire.

You cannot just pick up the telephone, you know

And of the operator enquire,

"What is the area code and then the number

Of 'happiness', for me -only me?"

Get up, get up! For Pete's sake, you must get involved

If you ever want to be happy!

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