Such Hypocrisy!

'Make no wars!'
they scream,
adding filth and nasty words,
hate filling their darkened
and soul-empty eyes.
Eyes of those who claim
no hatred for any being.

But oh, how they lie.
They hate us,
they hate their country
they hate their freedoms.
They hate so much more,
than those of us
who wish to end tyranny
for all.

They curse us out,
with vulgarities
and loathing anger
in their faces,
venom upon their tongues.

Its such hypocrisy!
Such falseness of their
misguided objectives,
when done with utter malice
and contempt.

They practice not
what they preach-
This 'peace'
they so claim to desire,
as they stand there and call 'US'
'Fuc$#%& War Mongers'
with blood-lust in their souls,
...murder on their minds.

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