Tongues entwined

Our passion rising

As I taste something

Rather surprising

It wasn’t like others

This brand new kiss

But instead something else

That made me reminisce

Then it hit me

Still lips-locked

And began to smile

Slightly shocked

Being the firs time

I’d ever received

Such an experience

The kiss I’d not conceived

It was before the embrace

While he lain between

My back arched high

Barely keeping sane

Staining his tongue

Each lapping lick

With this taste

On his buds it stick

So as his touched mine

The taste transferring

Filling my own

This flavor reoccurring

Unlike when I masturbate

And dabble my fingers

Within my own pleasure

On his tongue it lingers

Thus, while kissing him

My juices on himself

It felt like I was

Actually kissing myself

Inspired by: Keith Marshall Hixenbaugh

Created on:  August 25, 2007

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If Trees Could Talk

If trees could talk

What would they say?

Thrilling tales of yesteryear,

Of a lifetime passed in a day.

Would it be of native Americans

Running free,

Of the white man coming,

Of slavery?

Would there be tales

Of how they survived fire and flood?

How the animals ate at them

For nourishment and food?

How they managed to survive

The long cold winter nights,

Their resisting attacks

By voracious termites.

Oh the history they have seen,

In their lifespan,

From covered wagons,

And endless inhumanity of man.

Never knowing peace,

Or when their lives would end,

As firewood to heat a home,

Or as paper for the constitution.

Yes, the tales they could tell,

Could inspire and chill as well.

The amazing amount of history,

It is they that have the story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trees could tell some interesting stories as they are the embodiment of history.

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Die hassen uns wir sind pover

Die hassen uns

Wir sind sauber und klar

Die hassen uns

Obwohl, stören nie, wir

Die hassen uns

Ebenso Aufbau bereit wir

Die hassen uns

Dennoch, Bemühen wir

Die hassen uns

Bleibe Legitim, haben wir.

Die hassen uns

Wir sind freundlich

Die hassen uns

Wir sind simple, immerzu herzlich.

Die hassen uns

Wir sind, mit gut Angeborene zärtlich.

Die hassen uns

Wir tragen positive groß herausbringen.

Die hassen uns hinsichtlich die können nie lieben

Die hassen uns bezüglich wir sind Windsurf-Tauben.

Darum, reich Hasser mit dessen überstunden Hassen

Zu keiner Zeit ausruhen oder Friedensschluss begegnen kann.

Denjenigen eigenen Hass enthüllt, hinweist unser Erfolg.

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Welcome to the future

No longer must you drive

To get to the clinic

In such a painful strive

Our home is yours

Our service comes to you

When your treatment time comes

You will experience something new

The comforts of home

With staff of amenity

Working towards your interest

To create complete serenity

Welcome to HOME dialysis

With stay at home treatments

No more driving to the clinic

Which just makes more sense

Inspired by: HOME dialysis

Dedicated to: All the patients of clinic-stationed care

Created on: June 27, 2007 - 0047

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Seven O'Clock News/Silent Night

Silent Night, Holy Night

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — President Mahmoud Abbas will dissolve the Palestinian Authority's government Thursday after fighting between rival parties Hamas and Fatah consumed the Gaza Strip and was expected to call for a state of emergency, sources close to Abbas confirmed to FOX News.

All is calm, All is bright.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., — During a speech to the 73rd national convention of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Vice President Dick Cheney suggested that the best way to honor fallen soldiers is not through protests and candlelight vigils but by supporting completion of the war in Iraq. 'Every man and woman who fights and sacrifices in this war is serving a just and noble cause. This nation will always be grateful to them and we will honor their sacrifice by completing our mission,' Cheney said

Round yon virgin, mother and child.

RICHMOND, Va. — Relatives of the student gunman who killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus allowed the university to turn over his mental health records to a gubernatorial panel investigating the shootings, the panel's chairman said Thursday.

Holy infant so tender and mild

BAGHDAD, Iraq — A handful of Sunni mosques were attacked or burned Thursday, but curfews and increased troop levels kept Iraq in relative calm a day after suspected Al Qaeda bombers toppled the towering minarets of a prized Shiite shrine.

Wednesday's attack on the Askariya shrine in Samarra, which was blamed on Sunni extremists, stoked fears of a surge in violence between Muslim sects. A bombing at the same mosque complex in February 2006 that destroyed the shrine's famed golden dome unleashed a bloodbath of reprisals.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Credits: I thank Simon and Garfunkel's song 7 O'clock News/Silent Night for the inspiration. Fox News and MSN News for the reports. It occurred to me as I listened to the song how little the news has changed since the time the song came out. Only the names and places have changed, but the same problems still are plaguing the world.

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*Criminals And Lawsuits


   --And lawsuits

They call it news

   --Like it was something new

Burn this old hat

   With the evening post

Sit through the setting sun

   And watch the fire grow

Beware the riptides

In the seas

   Of life

Suffocating, swirling down

   They'll take you from the light  

They'll waste away

   They'll worry away your time

They're wasting away

   Worrying away our time


   --Such a big to-do

They call it news

   No matter what they do


   Cut the hardline

Destroy the mainframe...



We'll still be fine

Bury the silicone

   With all the souls

Sold for dollar bills,

   And through this swamp of starstruck shit

Raze the mountains made from molehills

Cause they're wasting away

   They're worrying away our time

Yeah they're wasting away

   Worrying away our time

There's just So much time

   Set your worries aside

   Nobody's got much time

So pay no mind

Cause they're wasting away

   They're worrying away our time

They're just wasting away,

   They're worrying away our Lives

   :   01/28/07

Author's Notes/Comments: 


On the heels of 'All We're Missing Now', I was playing poker one evening with some friends and the news came on.  I don't think they even bothered with a cheery public interest piece that night.

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*All We're Missing Now

All we're missing now

    Are padded walls

Or a rubber room;

    Maybe a nurse or two;

Yes, all we're missing now

    Are padded walls

And some straight-jackets

    To keep us warm at night...

Worried about my mental state

    I saw the doc today

He told me I'm okay

    Then he sent me on my way,

Looking back; it's safe to say

    That he's just crazy too

And he'd do well

    -with a separate room-

Right next to mine...

There Was a look in his eyes;

    Like it just didn't matter anymore--

And he all but sighed,

    "Well, it doesn't seem to matter anymore..."

All we're missing now

    Is a shred of conscience

To account for consequences

    When we tear each other down

Cause with the end of unity

    We drift alone into a sea

Of solitary sorrows

    Doomed to drown

On the way to work one day

    I was sitting on the train

I saw a man in so much pain

    The tears were streaming down his face;

And as he wore a suit and tie

    just like any other day, nobody second-

guessed or saw his face again;

I could hear as he cried,

    "Seems it just doesn't matter anymore,"

All those watching effected nowise,

    Cause nothing really mattered anymore;

All we're missing now

    Is a bit of empathy

Some sensibility

   (An uncommon courtesy)

All we're missing now

    Is a bit of empathy

And it would breathe the meaning

   Back into our lives

Theres a look in our eyes

     Like it just doesn't matter anymore

But would you tell a child

    That nothing really matters anymore?

If you feel inside

    Like it just doesn't matter anymore

You've got to realize

    That nothing ever mattered more...

All we're missing now

    Are padded walls,

-Or some sanity

    (It's all the same to me)

Cause otherwise the only thing we need

    Are padded walls

And some straight-jackets...

......To keep us warm

In a world that's just so cold,

......To keep us warm

In a world that's just so cold...
  :  01/29/07

Author's Notes/Comments: 

01/29/07 MvNKiE . AKAAGC

This SONG initially came to me when I was spinning around on a computer chair in the livingroom of my current residence.  My room-mate's wife (who un-officially lives here) accused me of being crazy.  

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Just Suppose for a Minute


Just suppose for a moment in time,

The borders on our maps were gone,

There were no more lines.

Just suppose, we could live where we want,

There was no more hate, or bias,

There to haunt.

Just suppose we were all free,

To worship our individual Gods,

None to think less of me.

Just suppose, there was no more war,

Without the hate or greed or borders,

What would we be fighting for?

But, I guess we will go on killing each other,

For territory, Gods, and greed,

Forgetting we are all sisters and brothers.

The same body of God, we are all part,

Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist.

Matters not what it is called, if he is in our heart.

For my God, your God, and all others I say,

Put an end to war, for our children, and theirs,

This is what I pray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I realize this is a stretch, but I pray all who read are blessed and when asked to take up arms, ���Just say no���.

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It's all so (nu)clear to me now

This is mother natures call to arms

To show to us we've caused this harm

There's no reason to stay calm

We'd be better off raising the alarm

Living in a world thats filled with fear

Makes me wonder why we're all here

Suddenly the future seems so unclear

And thats an anagram of nuclear

There will never be a winner of the human race

When Governments are dumping their toxic waste

In the rivers and the oceans and in outer space

With no sign of guilt or regret on their face

Then they start a war of intolerance

And thats a by product of ignorance

They don't understand your religious beliefs

They're gonna shoot you down on your own streets

And there goes a soldier singing our countries song

As he goes and drops another dirty bomb

And here we are waiting to pick our spot

So we can get the best view when the world ....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another commentary one. Summing up the sad state of affairs the world has got itself into thanks to a few power hungry individuals. I'm not bitter and I'm not a hippy as some people have asked after reading this before.

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