Wisdom From An Innocent

A nine year old just uttered

Some very wise words

In the context of a conversation.

These were the words,

So beguilingly sage:

"Just turn around and walk away."

These solid words of wisdom

Hold one in good stead

In many a difficult situation,

So apply them freely

Whenever there is trouble

"Just turn around and walk away."

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Pain is a hollowed out hurt deep down inside

pain is the death of a new blushing bride

pain is alienation and loneliness rolled up into one

pain is the death of a new born son

pain can easily be described as frigid and cold

but it also can be sharp mighty and bold

pain can make you do things you ordinairily would not do

like jump off a cliff or shoot little kids in a zoo

pain can become  a nasty emotion that just east you away

and it can be so very hard especially at night to keep at bay

pain is the darkness with all the nightmares that consume you deep in the night

pain is a whirring spinning never ending eddy filled with plight

pain is jealous brutal clever and unkind

and it fills you up until it drives you out of your very own mind..........


(written Sept 17 ,1984)

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Rest A While

The weathered garden spade rests

Against the railing.

Once again it is ready to dig in

Strongly, in service,

As it has for the past decades.

It is from strong stock.

Knowing gardeners have used it

And it has rewarded them-

Rich soil turned over deftly,

Clean slices of matted perennials,

Through the stems and earth to the roots,

Sturdy transportation to the new site.

Safely dug deep so in the plant could slide.

Oh the garden spade knows its job well.

It professes its past and present proudly

By its rugged look-

Weathered wooden handle, sharpened blade.

Yes, it has worked hard,

And now,

Rests a while.

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Is your proboscis obnoxious?

Your gluteus max a bit lax?

Do your pecs vex? Your hair's not there?

Just see your surgeon and relax.

You'll transform into a beauty

But you'll be common, never rare.

You'll be a part of the new world

With Barbie and Ken everywhere.

Do you wish forehead crease to cease?

And lip pout you can't do without?

No crow's feet line you can define?

See your surgeon without a doubt.

You'll transform into a beauty

But you'll be common, never rare.

You'll be a part of the new world

With Barbie and Ken everywhere.

You want your dangly less gangly?

Pigeonbreast is not your request?

Spare tire must now expire?

See your surgeon at this behest.

You'll transform into a beauty

But you'll be common, never rare.

You'll be a part of the new world

With Barbie and Ken everywhere.

You're not tall? Let 'Bones' do it all.

You're not slim? The surgeon is in.

Gastric by-pass is now not crass

See your surgeon. Cure Nature's sin.

You'll transform into a beauty

But you'll be common, never rare.

You'll be a part of the new world

With Barbie and Ken everywhere.

Your chin is not strong? It's all wrong?

Your underbite is quite a plight?

You want to tattoo your eyebrows too?

See your surgeon to make it right.

You'll transform into a beauty

But you'll be common, never rare.

You'll be a part of the new world

With Barbie and Ken everywhere.

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there he is

oh he looks great

that blue camaro over there is his

I wonder if tonight he's taking HER out on a date

oh wait

SHE'S not with him today

he's by himself

I wonder where he has been

he looks as if he's been crying

has SHE been cheating on him and lying

SHE must care for him

I've seen them together

happlily hand in hand strolling down the halls

lost within each other

while everyone else is left on the outside

looking in

it seems he has started to cry again

oh I do wish I could somehow help him

but I am locked up here in this musty old library

and am unable to console him

he's on his own

it hurts to see him so very sad

I'm so angry at HER

why did SHE have to hurt him so bad

what could he have possibly done

to make HER do this to him

I love him whoever he is

and I feel his pain..........


(written Dec 23,1983)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one of the earliest glimpses of the object of my infatuation very early on before I even knew his name!(Dana Farnsworth)

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Light And Love

The weak can never forgive, it's said,

All forgiveness comes from the strong-

Those with the strength to do what is right,

Who decide against doing wrong.

As darkness cannot drive out darkness

For only the light is able,

So hatred cannot drive out hatred-

Only love can turn the table.

Show your great strength and show your warm love

Let your wise compassion prevail

Lest there be destruction of life's worth-

Then tears will be of no avail.

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Esmeralda's Woes

Esmeralda Tinkerdoft

Gave a tremendous yawn.

She raised her eyes to the sky,

Surprised to see the dawn.

What a long night this had been!

Just where had the hours flown?

Now it was time to arise.

She stifled a loud groan.

Gingerly she raised her head,

So it wouldn't explode.

Her aching body followed

In semi-upright mode.

What a way to spend the night-

Curled up in an old chair,

Studying for that exam!

Sometimes life wasn't fair!

And all those pots of coffee,

And those notes in ink,

Wouldn't really help her now

For she was on the brink.

She should have studied sooner,

She should have had a plan.

She shouldn't have decided

To drop all for a man.

Time to go off to the hall,

To see if, despite fate,

She could pass, by osmosis

Or if it was too late.

Esmeralda Tinkerdoft

Gave a tremendous sigh.

She raised her eyes to Heaven,

And said a fond goodbye.

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Depth Of Friendship

We need to be able to trust and depend

On the people we invite into our lives.

I am not a stranger to betrayal, friend,

So I like to discover each person's drives.

It's depth over superficiality.

Oh, to inject that as from a harmless syringe!

Yes, betrayal has been a reality

But my world does not upon that one thing hinge

And yet that sigh does sound quite melancholy.

Some small thing has prompted this introspection.

To delve into it deeper now is folly

Yet nights like this tend to prompt such reflection.

I've learned that to look to the future is best

And that it's best to take one day at a time

That's why my good time I usually invest

Enjoying where I am. Sometimes it's a climb!

The friends I choose are carefully admitted

To the inner circles of my existence.

The trust we build is in golden hope knitted,

Being chainmail strong, thus having great resistance.

As loneliness stills the laughter of the soul

So true friendship and love bring its revival.

There is no call to feel fragmented. Stay whole.

When we can trust our friends, there is survival.

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Dana, this guy I like

Is so good looking well

but then there is Mike

Now Mike, he's super sexy

well, Dana is too

Mike, now when I think of him

I think of raw lust

but when I think of Dana

I think of a tender romance

with little fire nor fuss

Mike and Dana are all the same

somewhat alike

I mean they don't know each other

but then again they just might

Dana is sweet

Mike, he's just plain hungry for life

Mike is my secret sexual fantasy

while Dana on the other hand

well, he's the softer side with a touch

of spice

Mike's tender but sneaky he takes

everything on the back side

yet, I believe he does really love me

he just doesn't want to be taken for

any emotional joy ride

He couldn't afford the trip

Mike hides his true feelings

while Dana loves openly and commits

himself to a person

Mike in his own way loves somewhat

openly too but he couldn't become

committed to a person for very long

even if he wanted to

Mike has spunk

Dana has class

but Mike has style and a great ass

Mike is hilarious

Dana is outrageous

Mike is deceptive

Dana is Mr. Calm Cool and Collective

I love Dana and I love Mike

but honestly if I could be in two places

at once

I'd be with both of them tonight.......

(written Oct 18,1983 10th grade)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I totally made this up. I had a secret crush on both guys and neither really knew I existed.

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