Or Something

I am so very different

The world, therefore, is different

The static around me

Is a little more, a little less

A little bit of something new

I breathe in a steady rhythm

Like anybody else, you see

But to me, it's a new way

At least, to take it all in

I perceive it

Or something


The watch 'round my wrist

It never stops spinning

I'm thinner, stand taller

My bones never stop popping

The better I get,

Or however I get,

I still feel all the same

Some times, even worse

But that's life

Feeling old at twenty years

Feeling helpless for no reason at all

Feeling like I'm heading nowhere

Because I refuse to move myself

Because I refuse to move

Because I refuse


Or something.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah, I guess you would.

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The Global House Of Cards

Who would have thought it, that that wall was structural?  

The crowds danced in Berlin, while their edifice crumbled!

The Soviet Union was the first house to fall, they just folded, not needing the wrecking ball.

Who would have thought it, that that wall was structural?  

Others at first showed no effects at all, then fell with a rush to the wonder of all.

While we grope through the ruin I  can hear the phrase mumbled.

Who would have thought it, that that wall was structural?

The crowds danced in Berlin, while their edifice crumbled!

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A Race With Time.

Why are you doubtful

Still searching for answers

What? more convictions

The wisdom of the ages

The wonders of the ancient world

The Khufu, Cheops, Sphinx and Giza

Great Egyptian Pyramids

Why have your memory gone so soon

During the Nativity, the new advent

Three wise men emerged from the east

Bearing precious gifts

I pose these questions

Give me profound answers

Where was industrialization

When was the target time

The birth of modern inventions

Have you now remembered

Can you now hear

The clinking noise of chains

The chains of slavery

The blood of the slave

In the hands of the slave merchant

The birth of a new world order

Did i hear you say reparation

Who can pay the price of blood

Mortal man to produce blood?

Give also the breath of life?

Stop, stop, and think

In the silence

The clock is ticking fast

You have already seen

The golden age of knowledge

The knowledge of the past

The knowledge of the present


Finally Finally Finally

Shouted the Spirit

The knowledge of the future.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The purpose of writing this poem is to create awareness on how time changes all things in this planet. A lot of events have taken place,yet man does not seem to understand that the only thing permanent in this terrestrial planet is the changing times. I like the poem because it highlighted the roles of the oppressor and the oppressed without obliterating their relevance in human history. It is like a mirror that keeps one thinking after looking in it. The poem was written on the 4th of Sep.tem.ber 2008. It will be read for the first time on the 7th of this month before an audience in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.    

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Overused Phrases.

th goosbumps spread from my fingertips up my arms creep across my chest and shoot down my spine.

those same sorry,cliche,used words seep into my brain to finish this piece.

"your face in my mind; your heartbeat in my ears"


so many more overused phrase coould pour from my brain through my nerves to this pencil.

but i digress.

i've come to accept that im'm just and old cliche of myself.

i've come to accept that until you're out of my system, rinsed from my blood stream, exsponged from my mind, every piece will sound, feel, hurt the same.

but the wordsflow freely through every fiber of my being and come over me as if knocking me over with the intensity of every emotion.

but i digress.

i'm just another face you have sampled and moved on.

just another fool you've grown to love; and let go.

tring to avoid the inevitable torturous acts that provoke these feelings to surface.

put up walls to every incoming party trying to get in.never letting guard down to open up to new love, new hope, new oppurtunity.

& wth that line, i sink back into the unavoidable cliched lins that are my life.

attempting to create this piece from the remnants of others.

spoken word comes from the soul, from the hurt you've embraced reluctantly.

my purpose, any 'artist's' purpose, is to enshroud you with a plethora of thoughts forcing self-examination and realization and questions.

"why do we love; what is the point of all this hurt; is any of it really worth it?"

& so may more overused phrases could pour from my brain through my nerves and to this pencil.

but i digress.

every piece, every song, every tear, will be filled with memories of you.

to avoid the expedted,inevitable,unavoidable cliche of words...

im not wasting the lead,ink or thought process on you anymore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The New, and the Different

Have you ever felt that special kind of sorrow? It's hard to even call it sorrow, really. It's as if you're missing something that was never there to begin with. It's a warm and tender sense of longing; almost comforting in its mystery and presence. Feeling it somewhere just below your heart somehow makes you smile while bringing tears to your eyes.

Maybe it's simply a strong desire for some purity; something so flawless and beautiful that you cannot help but cling to the very idea that you may get to experience it one day. It's envy, in a strange way. To see some sort of example that you set your sights upon, and to be automatically let down because you feel undeserving or unable to achieve it.

Each day, I feel a sense of numbness overcoming me. It's soothing and it feels like a solution to all the madness that I've been able to keep at bay. All of this turbulence that occasionally reveals itself; I feel as if simply embracing these assumptions and conclusions that have been lingering at the back of my mind would quell the storm and allow me to exist in a sort of relaxed, casual and monotonous way.

But I am never going to settle for less than what I deserve.

I will not succumb to these shallow inclinations and pessimistic views. I have come such a long way and I still have such a long way to go, but I have not journeyed such a long way just to finish my reconstruction halfway. I set out to become a new me, and I intend to finish the job. I will not assume the worst, nor will I accept anything less than what I want and what I need. I've done so much; set my sights higher than I ever thought they would be and tried harder than I ever thought that I would. To give up the fight now would only be denying myself the enlightenment that I am so close to reaching.

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Passing Days and Passing People

I live in a precious part of our little town

From where it stands, I have no reason to depart

The escape is what calls me but where is there to be

It's all some similarity to the turbulence I feel

I am of no different breed

We are of no different kind

We feel the same and live the same

And we all do wrong to feel some independence

The clarity lacks strength and the wonder lacks presence

We consider it normal because of the fear we possess

We've lost to the sad side but keep it on level

Denying its measure as we fall victim to the recoil

We trust all but nothing and consider it a flaw

An error of judgment in wariness and cause

We take caution as priority and are devastated by the truth

We take it so personally and then shut down for days

We lose touch with so much when our lives become absorbed

We miss the familiar when the consumption is gone

We live to feel pain

We strive to feel nothing

We grant ourselves privilege

We fall to our cunning,

And we're always taken by surprise.

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  are you confused?

  do you love me?

  do you want it to end?

  can we still be friends?

  are you mad at me?

  was it something i said?

  is it because of the baby?

  are you having second thoughts?

  do think she know?

  can i still get it?

  are you crazy?

  do you want me to end it?

  is she leaving you?

  are you leaving her?

  is it because of me?

  is it because of my someone else?

  are you screwing someone besides us?

  how do you feel?

  was i wrong?

  can i call again?

  are you sure?

  do you need me?

  can i need  you?

  do you want me?

  can i want you?

  is it over?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can you answer honestly?

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May Resolution

Approaching a turning point,

A time of change from the stagnant turbulence

as I walk along the dark path,

Silhouette shrubs are like crouched attackers

Dynamic energy surrounds me

a cloud of multicolored particles flitting about

A young couple strolls past and I wonder

If the ethereal fireflies are visible

only to me.

Why should a certain point in the planet's orbit

Dictate when a change can occur?

It is a circle, which means eternal,

so every moment has just as much value as the next.

Every moment has just as much potential

for reevaluation, movement, progress

There are no rigid time constraints,

only conditioned and therefore perceived.

So fully open your eyes

Illuminate the dark side of the moon,

Discover the strength of the earth's core

strong enough for seas and mountains...

and poets.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(May '08) Fuck New Year's resolutions, you can change whenever you want. You could do it now. Yes, right now.

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Anger has to rear it's head sometimes...

Been burying my bitterness in a shallow ass grave

It's not deep at all so I'm about to  tomb raid

The last couple years been in yesterdays haze

I want to murder my memory

Just set those days ablaze

For revenge sometimes I crave only my pens my blade

The quake within can set off tsunami type waves

Mami be afraid because of the bed you made

In your Life I hope Karma parades

What you sowed will be paid

In my mind you was the master and I was slave

Still caught up in all of yours chains

So a bad relationship was paved

Out of my heart of cement, you see she lingered and stayed

Haven't been the same since, myself I haven't forgave

Lord I need your aid, in this hurt cycle abyss

Lost a good woman fretting over this bum ass bitch

Tossed out a good something, over this trick I missed

Now I'm missing and another one...  will another come?

Build another one but lord I can't do it like this

I need to get my shit together cause inside I'm still pissed

My tolerance is low for fake fuckers for real

Reformed sucker for real, sometimes nothing I feel

What's bottled  I want to kill, The past is some

Salt in a wound that won't heal

Just want to peel a deceased waste of time, a dead carcass

For years I verbally bled, yes I mentally fought this

Here’s a fuck you forever, baby you trapped in time

You cost me a good girl, so your death is in these lines...

Little change up boy Oh don't think I forgot about you

I like to give a shout to my wishy washy nephew

Even though I love to see you fall, I hope God bless you

I say that begrudgingly, cause all your loyalty left

Down to Atl you crawl and crept

A lil boy trying to run a marathon

Before steps

You’re gonna learn about loyalty, and the lessons immense

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