Things are changing,

And I am ok with change today,

If I would have said this a few months ago,

I don't know if I would have said the same thing,

But that is ok,

Change is good today,

In a few months,

I will see friends that I miss so much,

I will be back in college,

For the second time,

And its exciting to know I am on my way there again,

I am on top of the world today,

And I don't know where I will be tomorrow,

But today I am proud of myself.

If tomorrow comes,

Do something for me,

Be proud of yourself,

No matter what happens,

Make someone smile,

And your dreams will come true,

I love you.


Misty Yanish

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call it determination
cause i can't get the feel i want
we both have termination
written all over our eyes

surrender as you say "okay"
finally you're a hero
is that reason to stay here Oh
but this wasteland sustains

call it determination
call it anticipation
call it just fustration
call it anything
but i have to get out of here
all these years
all these years they pass
but they must go by

call it mercy or silence
but if my forefathers had known
how cold and alone no home is
how long and unknown their voice was

call it speaking in code
but i've always spared them
why they are the only ones
i can spare telling i dont know

pulling out a long name list
a long chain of forgiveness
i've made but i've worn the pain
round my throat straight up to the choke
but i have to break out of it
all these years
all these years they pass
but they must go by

i call you the last straw to take
i called you to say goodbye
but you beat me to the phone
so don't be easier said then done

its never been easy to go
i wanted to let Jen come on home
i sent you packing to go get her
but she never came back

call it determination
call it anticipation
call it just fustration
call it anything
but i have to get out of here
all these years
all these years they pass
but they must go by

call it determination
but these years are reaching an end
call it extermination
this songs coming to an end

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Catch 22


In life, there is always this little something

A something that hangs on a big string, that same string that it's attached to

A something that causes you to think twice

It'll sneak up on you

As slick as ice

But it's something that we all go through

Without it, life is too easy

So what else can you do?

This, my friend, is a catch 22.

It turns out that love's got a million of 'em

A million of those catch 22's

In fact, some can even scare the hell outta you

Who's to say that your heart won't be broken?

Who's to say that you won't be mine in the next moment?

Then again, who's to say that you won't be there?

Or who's to say if any of this shit is anywhere near fair?

With all of these questions swirling in my head

As I remember laying face up on my bed

Remembering how many times you've looked into these eyes, so red

As I look at the ceiling, trying to see the stars

Looking to God to decipher this riddle, to help you through

I realize that this is one of those events that I should use as a prime example

My love, these are examples of risks we must take

Mi amor, these are what we all see as catch 22's

While I speak about my case though

As the days go by and fade to black

I have to say that regardless of the risks involved, I would trade none of it back

Since now, things seem a lot clearer when I'm with you

Even though love and life alike are full of catch 22's

In fact, it's what I've been saying since the beginning, yes, since then

And I've said it again and again

Or, is it just me?

Is it just stuck in my system

Hell, I'll say it again

Love's got a million of 'em

So I end this rhyme as I hear you ask, while you rhyme more again soon"?

Ah, it depends

There'd have to be reason

There's always a catch 22...

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As the old year's ending

passes with the night

our thoughts turn to the new year

as it brings the morning light.

The future stretches forward

like a river flowing free,

flowing ever onward

from a mountain to the sea.

We set off in our own canoe

to see what lies ahead

hoping in this new year to

fulfill hopes in our head.

The silver future glistens

like a river in the sun

beckoning us to follow

in the new year just begun.

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Carl's Carol

Carolyn Alistair, lissom and fair,

Was queen of the school yard

And all who went there.

Where the teachers all bowed,

And were graced with a nod.

Even as a child I found this quite odd!

At the court of queen Carolyn

You had to fit in.

Fads, film and fashion,

Were the only ways in.

And yesterdays clothes, were the original sin.

As a farm boy aged ten I couldn’t get in!

Poor Carolyn, she made such a show,

Of all that she had,

And who she did know.

But under it all was a child who was sad,

Scared of her shadow and that of her dad!

I didn’t know then, she just made me mad!

Now Carolyn holds court

When she’s not out of town

In a run down old pub

"The Rose & Crown"

She smokes a great deal

At the wheel of her truck

And many would think

She was down on her luck

But now Carolyn is Carl

His Harley is black

And wonder of wonders

His dad’s off his back!

Even as a child I found him quite odd!

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Parrot Head

And Time Goes By

We held seventy to the Keys that night,

just to get a glimpse of Jimmy.

Dreaming of Buffetesque bars, ceiling fans,

and parrot heads.

The skinny bridge seemed endless, and

the macadam and key lime atmosphere

was a welcomed sight as we pulled into Margaritaville.

Now, you can cut a hard night in a place like that,

especially if you're not a tequila person (which I'm not).

But...Lord...the slightest motion or sound from the stage

set us straight up!

Insanity, booze-in-the-blender, moonlight music,

dolphins and manatees...the City came alive.

A memory that weekend, to last a lifetime.

We drove a bee-line home in a blinding rainstorm

that Sunday night, a swirl of bloodshot eyes

reporting to work not one minute late.


But a woman and her time are not always one,

and those days are gone.

I let go of the years kicking and screaming, but I never

let go of special times...

one being that weekend at Key West where I

discovered a truth well worth remembering:

"If we weren't all crazy, we would all go insane...

and nothing remains quite the same..."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...and nothing remains quite the same...

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Today is late

We met each other long ago.

We managed to reborn and die.

Today is late to say hello

When yesterday was said goodbye.

The planets roll and days renew.

The sun will bring a new today;

A stronger me, a wiser you,

With new apologyes to say.

A french perfume, an evening dress

A spanish serenades will sing

And you will wait to hear my "yes"

And crown my finger with a ring.

You thought it up, but days are gone

Today is late to say hello.

So let the moments fly and run:

I'm right on time to tell you "no"

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The Seventh Fable

The Seventh Fable

Charlaxes Fables

Mental Prefabrications

People have preconceived ideas from Religion and Television

combine these two ideas and no wonder everyone is mental.

The Eye is just now thankful that the computer was not mine at age 14. The TV was enough to ruin me for life. It is no wonder that eye still don't have a life. Falling into cracks made just for me. Living in the NEW AGE causes so much uncertainty and problems we avoided in our past come back as daily necessities of the mass of useless protoplasmic mice eye once saw a man on the highway with a sign he was begging for more money to get some more useless wine so the people went zigging past avoiding him until he fell down on the ground it seemed to me he was passed out perhaps he died and no one buried him sounds like an episode of Twilight Zone. There was episodes eye will never forget the NOSE throbbing on the stairs inside the house the girl tried to leave the shelter of the fence once out she turned to dust the man with the wires in his arm seeing the oven where he was born the little airforce people in the GIANT woman’s kitchen getting swept.

It just occurred to me the ins and outs of celebrity imagine all the casting calls to make the episodes. AND the fact that Charlax was never chosen for even one of them seems sort of some kind of twisted justice the actors used were just the best of all the crème de le crème of all the hollywooded jest. Webseries Pilot casting call:

Male, Caucasian, mid 40's to 50's - HG. News talk show host. Strong stanced, mix between Bill Oreilly, Larry King.

Male, open ethnicity, early to mid 30's - JG. Federal Agency Detective.  Good at his job, but fresh enough to still want to make a difference. Female, African American, mid 20's to mid 30's - AW. Activist. Strong headed attorney with a gentle side.

Male, African American, mid 30's - CH. Sweet dispositioned gangster.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

change from TV to computor age

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I Owe You.

love is like falling,and falling is like this.

the sound of your voice is pure bliss.

and knowing you're present is amazing

and we just sit here in slow motion as the world speeds by not phasing


i feel almost as if i owe you the world.

and i'll give it to you and more because the first time you said 'iloveyou' my stomach curled.

i hold my heart in your hands waiting until i can let go.

because i want to know im safe inside your arms.

i want to,i have to,i need to know.

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