Psyche & Cipher (Matter & Demeanor)

Where are the extremes

of man?

Where in the combinations of souls

our manifold attributes

do we find measure

of our limits?

Trying to predict accurately

our ultimate boundaries

is an act transcendent of art

Approaching complete knowledge

one-self as a species of one.

Intricate tug and pull

the behaviors and relationships

behaviors between individuals

this complex planet

growling with it's tools

technology petri medium.

Our excesses and extremes

considered at times

movable markers

associate with statistical records

saying as much for our species' vitality

as a cooperative

as our orbiting ideals

our spacemile count clockwork

says for prowesses of inquisitiveness

thirst for new experience.

We've learned

as many ways

to destroy

as to live

Our calling card,

stamped in triumph

polio vaccine


the bomb

parlimentary law

& social welfare

Apollo XIII's miracle

sustaining our hungry mouths


Commonality against

common morbidity:

they become necessary

in our minds

we allowed these ideas

to occur

A need for an idea

a hunger in the

absence of light

The inmpossible

becomes possible

and what is done

or created

as a species we cross

a threshing, harvesting,

another broken barrier.

It seems

with a little luck

and enough creative thinking

we could solve every problem.

Unfortunately we are the problem

that faces the Earth;

we have created

a garden of evils

for our children

to dwell in.

Literally, keeping the planet running,

with all seven billion humans

draining her essences

is bankrupting her

unbalancing the books

until a shift into

a mode of healing

fire or ice

burning the chaff

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Holdin hands

Wedding bands

Runnin through the memories of

The days of then

Spendin time together

Not a care each day

I wonder why I ever let that slip away

Dancin neath the stars

We were the best of friends

More in love with you

I never could have been

I can't forget your face

Oh what’s a man to do

Just give me one more chance

And babe I promise you

That I’m

Not gonna be the one I’ve been anymore

Not gonna do the things I’ve done before

Not gonna say the words that cut to the heart

Not gonna sit and watch it all fall apart

I’m makin changes, changes

Change is over due

Changes, changes

Startin off anew

Yeah makin changes, changes

Change is what I need

Changes in life…

Changes in me

Tiny things

Heal broken wings

I wanna see you fly again

Tiny means

Fix open seams

In a heart that’s on the mend

I’ll swallow my pride

Roll back the years

And smile again

And try to be the man

I used to be back then

Let’s turn another page…

Let’s start a bran new day…

I’ll take your hand in mine

Look in your eyes and finally say

That I’m

Not gonna be the one I’ve been anymore

Not gonna do the things I’ve done before

Not gonna say the words that cut to the heart

Not gonna sit and watch it all fall apart

I’m makin chaaaaaaaaanges

            (Changes, changes, change is over due)

I’m makin chaaaaaaaaanges

            (Changes, changes, startin off anew)

I’m makin chaaaaaaaaanges

            (Changes, changes, change is what I need)

Changes in life…

Changes in me

I’m makin chaaaaaaaaanges

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Not sure what words to gather from

The world inside my head

Not sure which ones will adequately

Tell the life I’ve lead

Not sure of what my eyes behold

Not sure just what is real

But damn sure I don’t like the way

I’ve somehow come to feel

Not sure of how it all took place

Not sure where it began

Not sure just where the causes lie

Not sure I understand

Not sure what I would do if it

Were mine to do again

But damn sure it would turn out different

Than the way it’s been

For surely there’s a way out there to learn to live again

Yeah surely there’s a ray of hope with light that it can lend

Oh surely there is more to life than what there seems to be

And surely I would find it if…I simply wasn’t me

Don’t know who I can trust these days

Don’t think I trust a soul

Don’t care to hear the things they say

Don’t care to pay the toll

Don’t want to face reality

Don’t want to look inside

But damn sure I’m tired of concealing

All the things I hide

Don’t want to be the one I am

Don’t want to be this way

Don’t want to look back years from now

Regretting everyday

Don’t want to waste another minute

Doing what I’ve done

So damn sure I must start unweaving

All the webs I’ve spun  

For surely there’s a way for me to learn to live again

And surely there’s a ray of hope with light that it can lend

Yes surely there is more to life than what there seems to be

And surely I will find it and there is no stopping me

Not sure how this new life will go

Not sure what it will bring

Not sure I was prepared that it

Would be so tiring

Not sure just how I’m going to find

The lonely road back home

But damn sure I don’t want to face

That lonely road alone

Not sure just what to make of all the

Doctrines that they teach

Not sure I can make sense of

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When my cap was reflective

I called forth my worries

Watching as they traveled

Bounding over stillness

The word that came to meet me

It wasn't from another

It hadn't come for miles

Wasn't spoken by a lover

It was a sorry echo

Of my sorry state of mind

And it mocked me so for hours

For the seal I had applied

I apologized abruptly

But no one else had heard

So I sat for years in mourning

Of my final heart felt words

I petrified and began to fault

In my static hate for self

But here at my last, my flaws came clear

I stood to gather health

I recalled dust to mend my rifts

Remembering my flesh

Touch returned and I stood to reach

My fellows heading west

Distance was a passing joke

Determined as I was

I tore my roots from my bed

And I pursued their fuss

I followed close and broke to bits

To gather once again

For stones that bring me down to Earth

Will fix my shattered head

And chrome or not I will regain

The human touch I carried

No longer to reflect a pulse

But to relate to your despairing.

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Winds of the Universe


The wind of the universe is in my sails,
Taking me to those amazing dreams,
Coaxing my every move
To take me wherever it may choose.

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I see a shimmer in the darkness

I reach out

to touch this beautiful thing

as I pull it down

I realize then

what it is that I hold

your heart




in my hands

to the side I can see

your face

shimmering in the darkness

beckoning me to fall

into you..

should i?


how I want to so bad..

but the voices are waging a war

inside my head

wrong or right

damnnation or heaven

Love or deciet

I stand holding so tight

to this beautiful thing

my own heart beating in rythym

to the song of our love

I reach for you

but these phantom hands

keep holding me back

pulling me further


drifiting into the darkness

I can see your light beginning to fade

and it's then I feel




I'm fighting

I'm trying

I want it

I can feel it

but I know

inside myself

it's been me

loosening my grip

on such a beautiful thing

your heart..


I will not let go..

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Green Borders

On the highest street in a bigger town

I had laid down no more than a dollar

And I walked away with something funny

That doesn't really suit me

I've worn it once and lived my day

Not noticing any glances in my direction

But it's not to say that it really fits

Or that it alters me somehow

My fellow agrees that it stands out of place

Or at least, that it doesn't belong

But I think I like it, dare I say

Maybe it'll help me change

I care for black, it suits me well

The green on the side is a little strange

It's different sure, but not so much

It's something out of a story

I've landed here with it in hand

And it lays upon my hardening skin

Perhaps in time it will charm them too

As it has charmed me

Either way, it's dirty now

And I think I'll give it some time

But its color's calm and neutral face

May decorate me soon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey man, it was only a dollar.

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Journey North Towards Limbo

Evening on the highway

To the wheels that keep us moving

And return me to purgatory

A place of pointless drifting

Where I've doomed myself

For another thirteen months

Despite my cries I must try

To build something worthy of a glance

In a place that is not what I imagined

And when I head home for good

I'll do so in triumph

If I ever bother to head home at all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate it here, and I hope I can change that soon.

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Angel Boy

Angel boy what happens now?

You got smacked off your throne

Now you’re crawling on the ground

Try to pick yourself up,

Life will kick you back down

Aint no family, aint no friends

Aint nobody but you and the devil when this path ends

& hell will be your new home, from all of these sins

You wanted nothing but to break free from the world

To have a superhuman life and all of the girls

But when you get all you ever wanted nothing but paranoia then

You have the hottest girl in the world, when she aint with you where she at?

She with him! Sucking him off in the back of the Benz

Paranoia becomes the truth, depression begins.

And here we are, in this little black room again

The place where boredom, insanity and distancy from humanity sets in

Curse the day you made a man out of me,

Cause a boy would never have this many enemies

From rock hard drugs, to guns, gangsters and thugs

When the only way to survive is to not give a fuck

When Fist fighting is child’s play, kidnapping a mans family

Is the only way to make a motherfucker obey!

You’re going to hell; I’m heading the same way!

We just a bunch of angry motherfuckers, what more can I say?

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