This isn’t about the way I’ve been feeling,

The ghost of you, that I’ve been giving a meaning,

Will mean nothing to me tonight.

If only miracles were true

Would I be standing with you.

I can’t get my clocks right

My words come out backwards

I was a dripping mess

Letting go is not optional anymore

It’s time to bury it all,

Engulf it in flames

Until nothing remains.

I know I will be changed

Once I make a change

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im not that pearson any more

im not that pearson any more im not the one on drugs im not the one to get drunk and dance on tables im not that person any more im not the one goin partying every weekin and geting so drunk that i dont rember whut i done that night im not that pearson any more im not the one doin stuped stofe just becaus everyone else does it thats not me any more now im fun to be around even though im not high or drunk becaus thats not me im the kinda pearson who can make you laugh just becaus im funny and not ackting stuped becaus thats not me any more im me and im goint to be me and thats a good pearson thats who i am now im me............

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be your self and not who everyone wonts you to be be happy with yourself and how you are

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Auto Bio

Hailed by storms of ignorant bliss

A speck of somebody familiar

Who was brought, and raised

Beneath air thick with stupidity

Growth came fast and he was frightened

Knowing that the world meant him harm

Lifted by the arms of someone stronger

His feet barely touched the ground

And his was all in kindness

Because he just wanted to be loved

So he was, by all around

Perhaps even more than what was best

Early he became a generator

Translating thought into phrase

Paper to piece of youthful mastery

To swoon himself intoxicated

He was young but promised dear

His takers caring said so proudly

'All great things' they promised him

Until he believed his to be destined

As he aged, he found sadness

Allowing it to feed his retreats

Playing wise he gathered gazes

Until the shadow got him better

He breathed in all the dark

Reaching for the sympathy

Feeling weary, fallen ill

Giving way to an infection

He felt the bite of many failures

Gained an old man's understanding

Found himself so in touch with all the hurt

That he couldn't recall anything before

Vulgar thoughts were a shroud

In his head, he kept on dying

As he tried for a spot of knowledge

He was fool enough to fall in love

So all was pink and bright and loud

Shaking with such broken hinges

And as such things aren't to last

The breakdown was inevitable

After which, he tried his best

To find sense in life

From odd to end, he lifted well

Just to stumble down again

And disappointment called his name

The change of which would bring him hell

Girl that mattered stomping down

Girl returning confirmed his loss

He ran away and went bare broke

Came back home to watch it cease

Rift between the family

Who aren't even trying anymore

Her words he can't remember

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I’ve never liked the winds of change

They bring the cold and driving rain

Destroying all that’s calm and warm

And leaving nothing but the storm

They make me have to rise and flee

To higher ground for my safety

And make me work to build again

New shelters where I can fit in

And oh the work! It brings me down

Exhausted, humbled to the ground

Yet in the end, just like before

The calm and warm return once more

So I suppose I can’t complain…

But geeze I hate the winds of change

…Jeff Bresee

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The Melodizing

Hearsay talks, copious praise

Rise to chart, harmonious days

Beneath the pressure, jagged in youth

Speaking in leisure, provided on queue

Travel united, caravan stocks

Spoken to frighten, those on the cross

Gathering iron, engines to build

Feeling so tired, stomachs to fill

Stringing a country, notes in their eyes

Deny them a boundary, clout and blue skies

They feel a bit curious, wandering minds

They feel a bit anxious, wasting their time

Sights be awoken, opening dread

Tactless and broken, widening heads

Citizens lifted, leaving their rooms

Nominate gifted, speak of their doom

Consider our phases, envy and all

Debate on our pages, bring down your walls

Sing us indignant, love all the flak

Grant us the image, claw at our backs

Show us your skin, feed yourself blame

Digest us again, confuse and feel shame

Decided and raw, unaltered by fame

To leave you in awe, we leave you our name ---

The enamored, the kind

The furious, the swine

The trendy, the new

The collective, the few

The everyone that's everyone

Who feel so inclined

All know our melodies

And know them just fine

They hum them in outrage

Or shout them in line

They know where the change is

And follow it blind

The fattened and gaunt

The loose and the fraught

Under our influence

Will be all for not

We'll get them to dance

Enliven their feet

Then they'll start marching

And torch up the streets

Then they'll start marching

And torch up the streets

Then they'll start marching

And torch up the streets,

A comet won't strike

Or end all there is

We'll be the bringers

Of the wasting of this

We shall be playing

To turn you to beasts

Who will do all we're saying

At the time of the feast

Marching on homeward

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She Was There, You Weren't

those weekdays amassed(remember that early fall)

my rush was to a quiet spot,

where i could hear you talk

in your letters and think

of words to see

the lifting of your eyes

jaded like me, perhaps a stream just in need to turn it's tide

the season passed(forever before the year was gone)

you pushed to a quiet spot,

where you couldn't hear much

but just the same old

the only words you'd see

facelifting your eyes

faded old trees, silverscreens just in need to be made reality

i didn't think that was your philosophy

now i've learned that lesson so long ago

it wasn't some epiphany

as much as it was time taking its toll

it became someone else

that was there, you weren't

you weren't at all

your reason cast(over and over and plenty still)

like stones at a quiet pond,

just trying to make a splash

on water for the wind

draw fallen leaf

stir sunken sailors sigh

and quiet it with hopes the tears are your dream to come from my eyes

once i didn't think that was your philosophy

now i've learned that lesson so long ago

it wasn't some epiphany

as much as it was time taking its toll

it became someone else

that was there, you weren't

you weren't at all

it became someone else

that was there, you weren't

you weren't at all

when i had no where to go

when things went bad back home

when i felt betrayed

when i got there too late

when i got sick

when i got better

when i patched things up

when i ripped up painful letters

when i really hid'em away

when i found them again

when i recorded my first song

when i almost lost it all

when i found someone else

when we were better off

friends - when i lost them, heather, you weren't there

and the morning she passed

i rushed to a quiet spot

where her spirit walked

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A miracle of God,

That I am a changed man now.

Not the one,

Who despaired and grieved,

Or lamented on the past.


A much better man,

Than the one I was before.

And I thank,

And glorify Him:

Allah, the Lord God of worlds.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the afternoon of October the 9th, 2009.

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Secondary Anthem

We the latest batch, of useless happenstance

Will find our way to lawlessness

And settle for our doom

We the central heirs, of nothing here or there

Will take all the bits of wasted shit

And build a stalwart throne

Upon our face, we'll scream disgrace

Marching towards the state

Driving forth our bitter needs

That counteract our place

We the young, the bold and dim

Who gather just for strife

Demand your prime attention

And your very life

Stupid, wiles, crafty and trim

Call forth yourselves

To the cause of causes

The all for nothing, here and now

Chant the secondary anthem and know,

That you are not alone

That you are one of many

That you are understood

And raise the hell that suits you best.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Polly Panic Turns Lycanthrope

I always speak too soon

I always sleep past noon

I can never leave this room

I'm wary of the moon

And I feel like I've been eating people

A night from on and on

Walking stages, hearing howls

Claws that never dull

I'm losing head through pages torn

Of lycanthrope dynamic needs

They call me to accuse myself

I've fallen to the teeth

These bones that crowd these hallowed grounds

Were gnawed on by the beast

The beast is me, at least I think

I can't prove it's strength to me

Not a word has been said against

No one's come with torch in hand

Perhaps they don't know where to look

Perhaps I've just gone mad

And maybe I'm in the funny papers

Maybe I'm not real

These chunks of dry wall jutting out

Are stuck beneath my nails

I crave the meat, it's in the fridge

It sits below your skin

I'll calm down now until tonight

When the orb will rise again

Universe will pull it out

My spine will start to bend

The mats of fur and yellow eyes

Will cloud my lesser sins

And I'll set out, through the boardwalk

Desperate for a bite

A tot, a child, a sorry wife

The teens are so unkind

Some men will come with guns in tow

Firing at will

Blood that lines my fangs and jowls

Dripping from the kill

And into black I'll saunter on

Growling to myself

A cry to lunar master light

And I'll carry on to hell

The following day I'll stand and say

"It was just a stupid dream"

But come the cycle I'll bet you now

That you'll see just what I mean

So board me up, boil me down

Encase me in concrete

For if the sphere can rise in view of us

You'll be there for me to eat

Unless it's all a vagrant blow

A trip inside my lunacy

This devil dog, this hungry thing

Is me.

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