Break Free

From her nest

I must break free

Travel the world

See sights unseen

Experience what it's like

To live all on my own

Having numerous responsibilities

And unlimited freedom

Like a fleeing fugitive

I must escape her jail

Break the handcuffs of poverty

In life I will prevail

Step one to success

However hard it may seem

Is to leave her behind

As I pursue my own dreams

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Creed To A New Beginning

2007-2009 Poems

I trust in my God

This is not the end

But a beginning of a new chapter.

I will do my best to learn and share

All the ‘gifts’ from this.

I will be making mistakes,

I will struggle,

I will not be perfect, never will be.

And I will not be enough

Because people would always ask for more,

Because there are endless demands

In this world.

But this shall help bring out the best

And the worst in me.

I will know better about myself and my God.

Even in impatience and anger,

In loneliness and desperation,

Grace shall be given, and all these

Will bear good fruits.

Good fruits with many potent seeds,

Sown to flourish for eternity.

And I will have the calming stillness

Knowing that I am not waiting,

Trying, crying, hurting, resting,

Thinking, sharing, laughing, smiling,

Caring, loving and living

In vain.

Because I made You smile.

Let me have enough time

And space to work well,

To live healthily and peacefully.

Let no man, noting, intrude

Our ‘quiet place’ for each other.

Should I be shaken in fear,

Overwhelmed with worries and

Distracted by inessentials,

I would be needing Your help.

Be my Guide, my Refuge, my Fortress,

My Healer.

Keep me still…

Let them know that You are my God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this March 19, 2007. Dealing with my 'uprooting' and moving on to a new 'mission'. ~jerlin

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Searching for new Spaces (12 Haiku)

Far voice sounding close

bridging space's long distance

words reaching to touch

Walk through burning sun

remembering cool rainfall

still being thirsty

Lost in common sense

struggling through infatuations

urge remains untouched

Delightful sleep embraced

dream world's moving space

longing melts away

Memory of presence

open mind reflecting

urging needs dissolved

Clearness of emptiness

answered doubts in silence

colorful darkness

Following one's track

security through habits

shadows demand jump

Lost out on a limb

detecting one's heart beat

compass to freedom

Hope to hold one's sense

though motivated to fight

horizon stays far

Flying still higher

search for life's overview

circling around oneself

Common given goals

tidy personal chaos

no space left open

Beyond noisy voices

finely finding spaceless space

stardust don't disturb


17. 7. 1998

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I don't know anything...

Not knowing anything -

even though expressing plenty -

out of one's mind pool.

Words fulfill some basic needs

satisfying writer's head.

    Expressing myself

    feels good - it satisfies me

    Eh, what's wrong with it?

    People learned to write and read

    to share and gather knowledge.

Ultimate knowing

means: I know every thing

and better than you.

Finding one's most clever trick

for best self confirmation.

    Progress is based on mind

    without we would live in trees

    searching for our fleas.

    Now we can fly into space

    discovering all places.

Mind's knowledge-flash-light

covers up all one's spaces

finding sense and security.

One feels so good to fly high -

letting drop one's sticky waste.

    We have conquered earth

    there's no place without humans

    we are being's crown!

    Exploring the whole cosmos

    expended without limits!

Plenty of nothing

waiting to be filled with waste

human mind's outlet.

Proud of gathered properties

forced to eliminate bounds.

Expending oneself:

Striving, fighting, conquering

omni existence right now!

Caught in attractive concepts

stuck in one's blown up mindset.

    I am who I am!

    I have grown to my presence

    with all what I am.

    I'm rich in all what I own:

    Mind, emotions and spirit.

    Developed matter:

    I'm a spiritual being!

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"The Sarrows Of My Good-byes..."

Bye to the dream.

Bye to the wishes.

Bye to the love,

And its unblown kisses.

My life is a road mis led.

My tears fall upon the pillow of my bed.

While, im stuck behind this 40 foot wall.

About to let my heart break and fall.

Never knowing what lurks on the other side,

Torn up and lost my pride.

Bye to the dream,

A dream I once dremt.

Bye to the wishes,

My whole life spent.

Bye to the love,

The love of my unblown kisses...

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summer of feathers

The average American family is portrayed with a mother, father, a son and daughter, and a baby.  My family truly was an odd one.  I grew up with only two brothers and myself, a mother, grandmother and uncle all living under one roof.  

My mother used to cluck her tongue at my uncle and his friend, shooing them away from us when we were smaller.  She always was over protective, though now that I’m grown, I suppose it was for good reason.  She was a very attentive woman, always nit picking about us being clean and fed, making sure our beds were worm.  Not something one would have expected from a woman so young.

Grandmother was always trying different foods to see what we’d like.  She’s the one who introduced us to Gerber baby food, and later to sardines…which we hated.  But she was a kindly woman, and her experience had shown through on many occasions, as she would gently guide Mom in bringing my brothers and me up.

In truth, this happy fairytale didn’t begin here.  It started further back when I had three brothers, rather than two.  I had a home away from the one that I know now, and a mother and father that actually looked like me.

The tragedy started when I was young, too young to actually remember.  From what has been told throughout the new family, my original home collapsed while my parents were away.  It was in the dead of summer in North Carolina, and for those who aren’t familiar with the weather there, summers tend to be boiling hot.  What caused the collapse, be it from weather or what other circumstances, nobody really knows.  All that has been said is that my brothers and I cried desperately in the rubble, crying for help.  I can only assume our cries got louder once we realized that one of the brood of four had been killed.

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Colors of the Soul

If ever there was a way,to behold beauty in your eyes

You could crawl inside a prism,and see all you've been denied

The tranquility of purple,to soothe the anger you hold inside

Hot pink,the color of love and passion,to make the heart come alive.

The fuzzy warm feeling of turquiose,a color sure to ease the soul.

And the sunshine of yellow,showering your face and mind with love.

Brilliant blue like the summer sky to bring you closer to Great Spirit.

Green like the neverending rainforest,where you can only imagine the flowers and the beauty.

If you close your eyes you can almost smell the freshness of a ocean breeze embracing your every being.

When you turn it over it's clear like a crystal cavern,with a glint of a rainbow.

So if ever you feel stressed or down

Crawl inside a prism,and forever hold beauty in your eyes.

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Twelfth day

The sound I hear is nothing,

But how is it I can hear it

The wind out side is rushing

As the leaves are stolen with it

I’d sit in the room thinking

How does this world work?

As I’d sit next to the window peeking

Where all the cobwebs lurk

Already the day has passed

As I watch the sea gulls fly

How is it this feeling has last

As I look up into the sky

Heaven’s breath upon me

The beauty of it shows

As I am the first to see

The first magic star glow

I curl up tight snug n warm

Head resting on my knees

Blessed this star that was born

As I stare at it through the trees

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight

Wish I may, wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight

The star delivers a blink

Within the mist of cloud

I’m sure it was a wink

I new you would be so proud

Leaving behind me footprints of sand

I soon found that you were no longer there

With the rose I once placed in your hand

I once again, just stand there and stare

My skin I feel is damp

As i resist wiping the tears

My hands against your bed sheets are clamped

As I keep denying my fears

This is the twelfth day after your leaving

Every day I have made the same wish

Every one around me is deceiving

Because I know god will bring your soul back to me

Just for one last kiss

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The way I’m feeling right now is easy to describe


Why a word so plain?

Because the one I love is driving me insane


Because I wanted to ask him one thing


Because nothing will ever be the same


Because now that I am saved

Everything I used to do has to be changed


Because the only one he loves is in the heavens above


Because we both are saved, like we used to we can’t touch


I’m hoping that he is the one I can trust


                                        By, Xiomara l Ramos

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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