02-27 Confronted Inhibition


Confronted with the truth, it’s gonna leave you sore

like a bird flyin into a patio door

flappin along til suddenly somethin outta the norm

collides can’t even move anymore

twitchin from hittin a wall travelin too fast

starin at the barrier couldn’t get past

minds are overheatin people runnin outta gas

fumes are catchin fire people runnin from the blast

shatterin glass into thousands of swords

engulfed in flames incredibly transformed

into blades with wings circlin in a swarm

still ignored by rush hour traffic layin on horns

oblivious to the signs cuz nobody was lookin

heads hidden in clouds while their minds were hookin

themselves on mental drugs, but even readin a book in

the other room, don’t have to be in the kitchen to smell it cookin

like any civilization that fell to dust before

nobody saw it comin only a couple were warned

it’s always business as usual when it begins to pour

when destruction is comin it looks like any other storm

n rain starts fallin they don’t expect it to be flames

when the ground was movin they thought somebody had some bass

and it was up too loud and while the sun and stars erase

from the sky, they wait for the eclipse to pass for 3 days

standin around in a stupor before the panic starts to hit

dumbfounded cuz the information just doesn’t fit

somehow they missed it,  the warnings were legit

it should be daylight by now, so they’ll have to admit

they were sleepwalkin through life and now it’s time to decide

to sit there in the dark or if it’s time to join the light

maybe it’s not too late to boldly put up a fight

against the forces they ignored just tryin to get through life

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yesing the "no"s wip 4/13/09

Lord i want to be a blessing

receiving blessings

no more guessing

done with stressing

and always Yes'ing

the "no"s keep messing

me up

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You’re not sure where You’re going, anymore;

closed and locked is every door.

Your dreams have faded into the night

and there’s no future in sight.

Who can you turn to, who can you turn to


you’re feeling  this blue.

and it’s been way to long, since your faith grew.

Oh, who can you turn to, who can you turn to?

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Basking in the sun

The lioness stretches out

and feels the warmth

of the sun radiating

against her long sleek body.

Content with the feeling

of freedom she rules

with the grace of her

predecessors and feels

no fear.

She solemnly fades into

an oblivious state of

contentment and is

calmed into a deep and

well deserved rest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Describes my life after divorce.

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I've released it

Let it all go

Those feelings & thoughts

With their AKs hiding behind their masks

Holding me hostage...

So unaware of this diabolical scheme

Negativity came up with to

Take over me...

But I've released it.

Destroyed the vessel that you tried

To sail upon across my uncharted waters

You wanted to claim what was mine to make

It yours

No matter the you told

Or how cramped your hand became from

Wiping your blade clean after stabbing so

Many in the back

Not me though...

I've released it all.

With my guard up

I protected myself from the tricks you


As you can see I keep my grass cut

So I can see what's in my property.

No longer getting bit on the ankles in a

Sea of green.

I release you.

Let it all go.

You've been taken out the equation so that

I can amount to something greater than before...

I let it all go.

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Quel a été

Je souhaite que vous pourriez comprendre.

Je manque les choses de façon ont été.

Quand nous avons parlé à jamais.

A passé du temps ensemble.

Quand nous étions que nous avons été.

Maintenant c'est juste une ombre.

Que Douze o  l'horloge a détruit.

Je veux juste des choses de retour à normal.

Soutenir aux jours que nous avons apprécié.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you always said "things haven't changed." On the contrary... they have... and you don't see how hurt you have left me

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01-01 Beginnings


Another chance to start anew,

another bookmark

to remember a moment in time,

another clean page

to taunt the scale of my ambition.

Another place to meet and share,

another forum

to lubricate the madness in mind,

another crossroads

to look across the path curious.

Among the gathering,

a water hole of lights and sound,

every moment whirling in color,

every second filled to the brim

with a drink of eternity.

Too confused to grasp,

resigned to let the rushing go by

like a boulder splitting the river,

like a tree stolidly cleaving

the stampede of existence.

Time refuses to wait.

It ignores whims, defies reason,

denies the plea to relax the pace.

Time is a madman

at the wheel of a circus ship.

Fools and sages passengers together, all swept along

by the forces gathering black hole whirlpools

to stir the brine and brew.

The waves of ritual clash

a struggle against

the winds of change.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To taunt the scale of my ambition.

I have so many things I want to accomplish, goals i've set for the years. Each new pursuit was once a clean page, and here is another clean page that shows how many things I meant to finish, but haven't even nearly, including my screenplay titled the same as this poem.

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The china is tipping from the mantle are you reaching for it?
And the fire in the fireplace has spit an ember are you stomping it?
Oh look the doors flown open and the cat is watching are you closing it?
Now the tub upstairs is warmly filling up will you stop it?

How many arms do you have? How many mouths to scream from?
So many things require you, so many eyes are watching what you do
Do you have it in you to pick one and and not look back
Let the water spill, say goodbye to the cat fan the fire of the china crash

Walk away
Walk away
Head held high
For the exigency now is peace in the soul

Rob Crocker © 2008

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I Love You


Eyes I have never seen,

And hands I have yet to feel.

But your name rests in the vains of my heart,

And I love you!

The lines in your face made by

My Imagination, that dreams

Of a future serenaded by your cry.

But you're so close! So close!

I can hear you breathe!

And Oh My God! How I love you!

Though God has yet to breathe life

Into your tiny form

You are a life, full of life, in the back

Of my mind...

So I'll wait with your name in the veins

Of my heart

For the day when I say, "I love you!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written October 30, 2008

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