As I see the time flying by me

Embracing Iam all this new times

No more bitterness shedding more tears

Sad memories are just a past thing.

I just want to remember you now through

All the wonderful times we used to have,

Being in love with you for a long time,

You and I for many years were more than soul mates.

Sadly came a time for us to say goodbye,

At last to let go of all that hurt

For each to go this heartbreaking ways

Forever then with heavy heart and many tears.

Now I see the time gone by

So happy now where Iam,

No more bad feelings or pain

Now I just want to remember how wonderful

Back then you were to me!



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What We Are

The things we do,

The things we see,

The things we hear,

All combine to make us what we are.

When all three are working together

We become feeling,

But when we don't understand

The feelings,

We fear them.

The trick is to learn, not fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written when I was at my stage of growth where I was trying to sound more intellegent than I really am. I can only hope that I have grown out of it. :^)

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A Mind at Play

Idle thoughts on

Idle minds

May lead to

Idle thinking,

But when thoughts run rampant

On fertile ground

Who knows what may spring up!

And if you find,

That time is time

And going round in circles

That each has one

And all have none

Then five are in a jumble.

To those who sleep

And those who weep

Shall find that it is gone

For all is here

And here is now

And now is never after

One step forward,

One step back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written when I was coming out.  I was having a hard time dealing with life so I started a Journal.  This poem just sort of wrote itself one day while I was trying to write down some of my frustrations

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The Season of Many Colors

       This is Autumn...

    Mother Nature you address us

     in fashions of many colors, shapes and sizes.


    The tides reach up toward the Harvest Moon.

    Our days are shortened;

    Our nights grow longer.


    The stillness of Time approaches

     a period of hibernation and dormancy for some.

    We, as people, long for those cozy nights

     before the fire.

    The merriment and festivities of the Holidays    

     as they quickly approach.


    Thus, we discover...

     Autumn is the path into yet...


       Another Season.

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