My Nightmare *WARNING*

Distant fogging haze.

Blinding lights corrupt my thoughts.

Opening my heart to the surrounding darkness.

I awake into a nightmare.

Pleasantly filled with evil pictures of fear and hate.

Painted with the black and coal of hearts.

A barren land with waste colored garbage trees.

Not a person in sight, not a sight of a person.

Puzzles piecing themselves together.

Intensely burning acid against my flesh,

As I lay in what is to be assumed my grave.

A box that is worn away, and it is broken.

My body clad in darkness.

A shrowd wrapped around my body, naked and lifeless.

The cloth feels like silk against my flesh.

Chills raise my spin and wake my eyes apart.

Smells of death and sin.

Deliciously, maliciously desirable.

My hands graps the edges of this cage, this hate cage.

Fragil, but still young, they try to free me.

Fog floats freely across a dense, cloudy sky.

Blooming with the absence of life.

Lovely, isn't it?

A nightmare, a true nightmare.

Wasteland felt with bodies.

Human remains are scattered, and some of them still complete.

Complete with the faces etched in fear and pain.

Tears crystalized and held tight.

Insomnia and paranoid thoughts trace my mind.

Tingling and touching the outside of my heart.

Stabs of guilt and threats pierce the lifeless hopes.

I want to wake up.

From this nightmare, which is my reality.

Smiles laugh at me from my nightmare.

Soon I'll know which way to hide.

Broken into a thousand places.

Shattered and torn, the life I live is disgusting.

Make the madness stop, and kill the life I lead.

Murder me into cold blood, if any shall spill at all.

No worries.

No sanctuary to host my repentence, or my sins.

I'm not sleeping.

My thoughts burn and sizzle my blood.

My body lays still in the cage of my dreams.

Its pale flesh falling off, in a beautifully horrific manner.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

holding my last breath, safe inside myself, are all my thoughts of you... sweet raptured life, it ends here tonight... *kisses*

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Twisted Love


Here I am longing for her once again

She's the girl of my dreams, the one I must have

Soft blonde hair shinning as she nestles her head

Luscious pink lips parted as in slumber she rest

Running my fingers along her silky smooth skin

Almost passing out from the lust within

I feel my heart racing deep in my chest

It calls to my love in the pink satin dress

I know I must stop and yet I'm compelled

To copulate with her sweetness till the nectar spills

"NO" I scream to the compulsive deviance in me

Leave the innocent alone, let her be

Many other women have lied in my bed

But a fuck is a fuck and to me they are dead

Whores and sluts causing multiple ejaculations

Yet the hunger's not filled by their self degradation

I'm starving for my love it's her I must take

My eroctic paraphilia is only quenched by her taste.

My erection throbbing with visions of an enchantress in my head

A Subservise little girl,a sweet temptatious cherub.

"God Save Me" I whisper inside myself

I'm fucking her up, causing her mind to melt

My urges growing and temptations dulling the brain

I can't fight much longer it's causing me pain.

I know that I mustn't for it's a mortal sin

I can't stay away from this own blood kin

Wake to me sweet one, throw down your teddy bear

Make room for big brother to climb in your bed.

Here I stand undressing before the one I protect

Her guardian and abuser, I should be put to death

My fingers tremble with the buckle of my pants

Ecstatic to know that I'll soon smell her scent

She used to fight when I started this affair

Now she pulls me inside her and plays with my hair

The beast inside me fondling her breast

She reaches for me and arches her back

Legs spread open awaiting the sensation

I plunge inside with ritualistic penetration

In madness we share incestuous deeds

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I feel like a freak show

humanity slips as I cry no

feel myself as I turn into a monster

I'm getting crueler and crosser

Vampiric psychic bitch

Two souls made a switch

Bloody dreams, crimes that itch

who knew I'd be such a crazy witch?

Calm on the inside

raging within

'Fuck this' says my pride

As souls shed blood in the war of sin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

x_x The embarassment.

ca. 2002

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The Rapwarz

Your a sket your a slut

you love it up your butt

you take it in all the positions every way, everyday

you got deseases on deseases

your infested by the fleases

dont you come near me ya fucking whore

cos I'll beat you to the floor

cept you probably gonna enjoy the pain you feel when I beat you more!

time is ticking by, when you gonna take down ya flies

they bin buzzing round ya head for fucking ages ya little sket

I dont even beleive some of the things that you do

when a guy says 'yo slag come give me head'

you go down and suck him until ya face turns red!

and even if a girl comes up and she's like 'bitch come and lick my ass'

you would do that in a second and you'd probably end up browning fast!

you dont have no limit to wot you'd do to a guy

and I doubt you even care if you end up deseased knowing ya gonna die!

but thinking bout that ya probably already got every desease that is known

I guess thats wot you get if every guy you meet gets blown!

I dunno how the fuck ya live with the fact your a whore

now your known for just that reason, and you always give more!

suck my cock bitch!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dunno, just wrote a rapwar style rap. lol
its shite, cos i ent a rapper, but oh well.
it was a laff writing it :P

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The sacrifice

The victim stands there ready to die

They know their dying for the freedom from the gods

The blade

The axe




The floor splashed in blood

Rifle of sacrifice

BLade of night

POwers of command

Bring you down

Its the one


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A new peice reflect the old trible ways

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2 years based on a joke

I was over your house

hanging out with your brother.

and you came by to say hi...

the guys didnt  think i had it  in me

so i did

i asked you out  expecting a no

i wasn't  prepared for you to say yes.

and then you sealed it with a kiss

but  it was different from any other  i had before

i felt something

i felt a tingle on each nerve.

thats  how it started...

it started as a joke

it started with me expecting you would say NO.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I told here aline from a movie and it worked....weird

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Everything Stays Amber

Darkness arises in the early afternoon

Thirty below, middle of June

Concrete heart

Cold from the start

It whispers the name

Join the game

In the yellow forest

Visit, act like a tourist

She lays her head on my shoulder

But won't let me hold her

They chase her into the Orchid Chamber

Everything stays Amber

Psychoticness runs in her veins

Rides up like cotton Hanes

Got the attitude of a shark

Life made on a lark

God mocks my prescence

Beautiful the word essence

He loves us all

Lets get drunk at a mall

Child's voice roars like thunder

Purely a simple blunder

Green grass turns red

Someone bled for he is dead

Everything stays Amber

Lets play with like as if it were a toy

As now it is simple joy

Clouds stop with a screech

Snow falls on the beach

Play with fire you get burned

Gives my stomach a churn

Finish the mission

Won't succumb to a submission

Wear the flag

Get your face in a mag

Screaming tires

Light my fires

Everything stays Amber

Wrecked a life working in porn

Soul and mind are all torn

Crawl down Hollywood Avenue

Has a knife in his back too

T.V. sets have too many bells and whistles

I think once I set off a Cuban missle

Don't pay your cable bill

Gives a sense of a cheap thrill

Your local government

Breaks at least one commandment

Everything stays Amber

He's on his way to Jupiter

On drugs, couldn't get any stupider

Soup company makes things from clam chowder

To electric blue powder

Play on the rooftop

Get busted by an overweight cop

Sail down the purple sea

Where can your mind be?

Everything stays Amber

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is totally fucking bonkers. I have no idea where this came from, just one of my random ones I threw together because the words rhymed. And this is a case of what overdosing on Bob Dylan does to you, hehehe.

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"i am 14, but not a day over three,"

claimed the chickengod.

"you need not hear me much

unless you eat feed from my temple."

he crossed through the turkey wire

and in to the bird's eye view,

whipping his tailfeathers to and fro.

"don't you fret: i'm not, as most gods are,

everlasting," assured the chickengod.

"like any other thing, i will die

and be forgotten.

out of sight, out of mind."

and he coo-coo'd to the day.

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Crabs of Doom

Sex and drugs, best of all,

Long legs that make you tall,

Fucking all the ways we dare,

Feeding you a poo popcicle with care,

Going to the bathroom to finish up,

The toilet seat I rest my top,

Now my chest itches me,

Holy shit, what is on me?

Giant crabs of doom,

Yelling out their mating tune,

Walking down my stomach without care,

Invading all my pubic hair,

Chomping upon my swollen sac,

Pushing me down on my back,

Dirty whore fucked my roommate,

He has the crab cakes of hate,

Just like these little children of mine,

Cook them up and sell, only 5 for a dime,

The crowbar I take in my grasp,

Shoved it up her ass, now covered in crap,

Twist and pull, now shes a puppet,

Reach my hand up her like a Muppet,

Armor for my arm,

Now where's her teenage sister?

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