"Loneliness Is A Hole In Heaven"


It’s nothing

But an innocent glance my friend

The sun scratching and raw

From a red-orange dawn’s impish itch

Flake cast coincidence

Hands out names and dates

Salt stained bleach kiss

Lemon scented drenched

Hope's period is probably late

Again it's ok

To pretend

So sleep

Please go ahead

Over cast ageless questions asked

How long will it last?

What seems like royal favor

When it's read is

A Joker laughing red

When he wants nothing more

Than to make you cry

Whisper the language

Of dishonest maidens

And then searing lies catch fire

Blazing burn blackened white

Iron cages

Inmates giggle on in rage

My friend, my friend the

Joke's been on us

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Age Before Beauty

Not long ago
At a dark and remote
Bus stop
An old woman sat
Next to me and told me of her one
Fairytale romance

She spoke of moonlit nights with blinding stars
An enchanted dance
Love poems that
Compared her face to the sun

“I felt just like a princess”
She said when her white knight
Rode into town in a
U-Haul to save her from the
Dungeon in her parent’s castle
She was sick of all the hassle
Slaving away
Day after day
For her nasty mother and
Vile sisters

I was only half paying attention
Looking mostly in the other direction, and
Waiting for the end when she would say
Something about living happily...

Instead things took a grim turn
Deep in the night
No witness
But the empty new moon
He forced her wrists
Behind her back and bit into her
Apple breasts
Filling her with
Slow acting poisons and
Stealing her power 

She drove a hairpin into his
Arm somewhere On the103 between
Chester and Mahone Bay
“He’d have died if I’d had it my way”
He left her there on the side of the road
No choice but to hitchhike home
And work her fingers to the bone
Forever weary of the wolves who
Hunger for sweet flesh

I froze when she
Kissed my mouth
Ran her wrinkled hands
Through my hair
And walked out into the darkness
Her side-bent thumb stretched
Out to catch
the last ride of the night

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"Pluto's Gate"

Too many reasons

Not enough though this time

I feel blind

A servant

Without a master


The harder I try to feel

The more I laugh

Burnt by loss

Salt tasting

Surplus coughs


The keeper of Pluto's gate

Hung his head low

Don't feel like

You need to be sorry

I know it's

Not your nature

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If I wasn't me


If I wasn't me my heart would be yours

these tears that i've shed would never hit the floor.

I wouldn't have left and you would've tried harder

But we aren't here to barder.

If you weren't you, we be married right now.

Our hearts intertwined with every vow.

The light shining down on love never known

and our whole life ahead to be grown.

But I am me, and you of course are you

others takes our places in the things

we once knew.

Our lives are so separte and yet we remain

as close in our minds are if it were the same.

I know when you hurt. You know when i'm sad.

I know when it's good. You know when it's bad.

This thing that we share, the open door in our minds...

is as unique as a moment in time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have no clue

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Black and White, Dark Light

Existence is a question.

Could it be that I am two,
Yet one, the same?
A part of me to kick in,
To shut off everything.

Shared memories,
Different responses.

No remorse, no pain,
No love, no joy,
Nothing entirely,
But something else?

Crying at night,
Everything all wrong,
And yet somehow,
Loneliness and the dark;

It became the only thing.

It became inviting, full,
Complete, and nothing else.

Sleep comes, dawn approaches,
Weeks go on, and nothing.
Voice weak, words break,
Inability to speak clearly.

Yet, change occurs, and light,
In all its glory,
Begins to sew together the pieces,
Of what was, of still is?

And love, joy, pain,
Is all so new again,
Light is filling,
Loneliness a fear;

How is this change possible?

They have names, each their own,
A set of personality traits,
But not separate personalities;

No fear, no desire.
Just the dark,
Cold and inviting,
But not wanted.

It only began as a trick,
To believe that emotion,
The skewer that it is,
Could be like a switch;

On, off, on, off;

Like the ticking of a clock.
But soon, it became of itself,
An inverted mirror,
To pass through;

A side can pull the other in.

And then the change happens.
A snap. An instant.

Certainly strange,
Certainly nothing it seems.
Not too odd,
To those who know.

Which is superior?
But neither.
Of course.

The mind can set itself,
To want what it wants,
To believe what it wants,
And make itself as it wants;

We are our own traps.

This emotionless,
Bottomless pit of death,
Of nothing,
Has saved me;

from myself.

I am defined by emotions,
Responses, feelings.
Those things are representative,
Of my persona.

And there it was,
The answer.

Become something else,
Turn off self destruction,
And turn on the dark light.

There is no laziness,
There is only objectives.

There is nothing else,
Except to become greater.
That is the dark light.

And who says it is bad?


Of self.
Of others.

And that is the answer.

I am a mold of two.
Both needed.
Both as one.

We are you.
The possibility of you.

Learn to change,
Learn to be better,
Learn yourself,
Before you try to learn others.

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"Merda Extracta Fimus"

Rome fell down but once
Merda Extracta Fimus
Eat, drink, sleep, repeat

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When Time Halts

2006-07 Poems

When does the day end?

That exact moment,

The sun dips below the horizon.

Do all the daydreams end as well?

All the hopes in the light,

Fade away to a silver memory.

Yet night brings true dreams,

Lost in another reality,

Lost in your hopes, your fears, and your life.

Sometimes we can see,

But normally we loose,

Watch it fade away,

As the pulsing alarm pulls you out of your dream.

Happens just as the tip of the star,

Returns in the east,

Sets the skies ablaze with the dreams of the night.

The light slowly falls down to earth,

And those dreams fade and ebb,

Fall back into our lives,

And we daydream once more.

Taking the time to dream,

Keeps our hopes alive,

Taking the time to dream,

Is when time halts.

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Long Foot Small


Languid inseparable hands

of corresponding lovers

broken by the elbow and folded

into a ribcage that protects

our beating heart.


Where words are muted

and snipped off at the tongue,

and eyebrows are shaven at the foreheads

so everything always

looks like


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A guy, knowledge, bands and shows

Hey! Your that guy

The one that everyone knows

You play guitar in a band

Ive been to some of your shows

Yeah im that guy

But do people really know

Just because im in a band

Is that all I've got to show?

I just know you as that guy

Thats all i really know

But i really dig your band

Can i get tickets to your show?

Well maybe im not just a guy

Thats what you need to know

I look good in a band

but my emotions never show

Why you being like that to me guy!

You could have just said no

Just because your in a band

Ill never go to your show!

And thats why people never know

About me, a guy, in a show

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I figured i'd play around with ryhming structure a little bit. Its intended to be a two way conversation, lets hear what you think.

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