My Nightmare *WARNING*

Distant fogging haze.

Blinding lights corrupt my thoughts.

Opening my heart to the surrounding darkness.

I awake into a nightmare.

Pleasantly filled with evil pictures of fear and hate.

Painted with the black and coal of hearts.

A barren land with waste colored garbage trees.

Not a person in sight, not a sight of a person.

Puzzles piecing themselves together.

Intensely burning acid against my flesh,

As I lay in what is to be assumed my grave.

A box that is worn away, and it is broken.

My body clad in darkness.

A shrowd wrapped around my body, naked and lifeless.

The cloth feels like silk against my flesh.

Chills raise my spin and wake my eyes apart.

Smells of death and sin.

Deliciously, maliciously desirable.

My hands graps the edges of this cage, this hate cage.

Fragil, but still young, they try to free me.

Fog floats freely across a dense, cloudy sky.

Blooming with the absence of life.

Lovely, isn't it?

A nightmare, a true nightmare.

Wasteland felt with bodies.

Human remains are scattered, and some of them still complete.

Complete with the faces etched in fear and pain.

Tears crystalized and held tight.

Insomnia and paranoid thoughts trace my mind.

Tingling and touching the outside of my heart.

Stabs of guilt and threats pierce the lifeless hopes.

I want to wake up.

From this nightmare, which is my reality.

Smiles laugh at me from my nightmare.

Soon I'll know which way to hide.

Broken into a thousand places.

Shattered and torn, the life I live is disgusting.

Make the madness stop, and kill the life I lead.

Murder me into cold blood, if any shall spill at all.

No worries.

No sanctuary to host my repentence, or my sins.

I'm not sleeping.

My thoughts burn and sizzle my blood.

My body lays still in the cage of my dreams.

Its pale flesh falling off, in a beautifully horrific manner.

End is near.

The sky is collapsing on me.

My chest is heavy to breathe.

Lord, will you look at me now?

Rapture, so glorious.

Sweet destiny of destruction.

Look for me, look for me.

I know you hear me!

I know you see me!


Holding my last breath.

My tears.

My pain.

Life ends here tonight.

My nightmare gains control.

Control of my heart.

My soul, my entire being!


Say good night...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

holding my last breath, safe inside myself, are all my thoughts of you... sweet raptured life, it ends here tonight... *kisses*

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