A Twist Of A Balloon

A twist of a balloon what sound it makes

A twist of a balloon what shape will it be

A twist of a balloon what makes it so special

The fact that it makes you laugh and giggle

and makes you happy that its done for you and

many more i wish i see the smile of everyone.

For when you smile its contagous it will always come

back 10 time full

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i notice when i make balloons the gleam on peoples face makes me smile

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The City

In the vacant heart of the city

Where the dead ones sleep

And the bats sing a silent lament

Where the gnawing maggots creep

The back streets are graveyards

Assasins sharpen their blades

The hanging tree creaks and groans

Zombies prepare their raids

Abandoned syringes lay like head stones

Liquid seeping into the ground

Disease plastered to the needle tip

Whenever they are found

The air reeks of heroin and perfume

Scantily clad figures loom in alleys

From the rent boys to hookers

In this forgotten valley

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Gender Roles

My very favorites

Long soft flowing hair

blowing in the wind

curves that softly sway

and eyes that light up

they dance like flames

perfect pouty lips

and a flawless face

the picture of perfectiong

on a girl

But wait....... this is a man

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The ghost.

If you turn into a ghost,

Than I'm loving a ghost.

If you light fire,

Than I'm burning down tonight.

There's a ghost on the edge of your bed.

And all of her words are repeating in my head.

But don't say sorry,

Sorry means you care, what a lie.

You could of at least try to love me.

You could of at least try to run after me that night.

Blue lips and your laughter.

Don't remind me, dont't remind.

There is a ghost that haunts me at night.

I call it my conscience, my hidden voice.

Never leave me, Never leave.

"Your sins will follow and catch up to you,

And in a couple of hours you'll be a ghost too."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummm Hex ily.<3

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Time Stands Still

Time seems to stand still in this classroom

but not with imaginative daydreams

or child like carefree whims

but in a dull, dowdy, drawn out sense

in a way where I just want to fall asleep

and never wake up

where I want to run off the edge of a tall building

just for the mere amusement of it

where I want to rip my eyeballs out

and stuff them in my ears

just so I can, Hear no evil, See no evil

but then again

I'll just sit here with my eyes closed

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So it all played out.

My evil plan worked.

I led him to have doubt,

And our relationship jerked.

He broke up with me.

I'm glad this is done.

Maybe now he'll see,

I'm not his true one.

I tried to tell him to go,

And to forget about us.

But all he said was no.

And for me to stop the fuss.

I never told him my visions.

I felt he'd just ignore them.

Besides most of his decisions,

Usually lead me into condemn.

I had to think of ways,

Where'd he'd forget about this memory.

Get him out of his haze,

Of this perfect person from what he could see.

I could see it in his eyes.

We weren't right, and knew that then.

But I was always in surprise,

Because I'd end up his again.

I thought we could change.

Each one into something new.

But our lives are not to exchange,

In this lifetime to form one out of two.

I wish I could have had the chance,

To reveal to him this truth,

Of what I saw in our romance

Which was uncouth.

It lacked such spice.

It lacked that "spark?!"

Although it was nice,

We were a friends embark.

So my plan has now completed.

For me, he no longer has to care.

Although I regret how he was treated,

But now his future will end up fair.

Inspired by: / Dedicated to: Tylor E. Weaver

Created on: February 24, 2006 - 23:02

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Insanity Is An Inspiration

My world and its flow of time

Travels slow, fast or not at all

Concept of Past Present Future

Backwards, forwards over and over

The sounds of silence

Thoughts spoken not heard

Insanity driven by people

Future inspired by rebellion

Feelings arise from fascination

Infatuation caused by possession

The emotions strung by events

Like a tear spread across eyelashes

Unique perspectives, ideas

Like fingernails grow and break

Seen from high, low, inside and out

Thrown away when no longer needed

Unknown created by fear

Imagination awakened by myth

Difference caused by ideas

Change feared by the unknown

Existence is a preview of life

Blindly driven by want

Need drowning in fire

Fire corrupting our souls

Light exposing our world

What you want to see

Outline in the darkness

What the world could be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Riddles on life I guess. Don't ask me what they mean, they're supposed to get you to express what you think they mean. Really think about it. ;)

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Crimson are the tears my soul bleeds.
A thousand screams echoing in the night-
Dreams lost forever in a time I have not been to-
Hearts bleeding for what once was.
Crimson blood dripping from a black rose-
Thorns that betray the beauty-
Death that lurks in the ground-
Awaiting your lonely touch.
Crimson rivers flowing though the veins.
Precious is that I drain.
The sweet life- gone forever.
Sweeter still is my victory.
Crimson thoughts brewing in my evil brain-
Life is only precious if it's stolen in the night.
My fangs will bleed you dry.
Crimson rivers flowing down my chin.
I must not waste a drop.
I lick you off my lips-
Sink back into the dark hell form witch I came-
There I await for my next victim.
His life just as disposable as your.
Crimson sheets upon I lay.
Reminders of yesterday.
Once my love, once my salvation.
Now you've become just another meal.
Dinner of a vampire who only dreams in crimson.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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The Bedouin


Hatchback family on a sun-baked highway

Clearly now, the way sets in.

Painted Desert, painted lizard, painted cactus

This is here and that is there and all simmers.

Heat waves sing the Sweat Song of the Steel Box:

“O you now beware,

No rest for the weary

La-la-la to pass the time

Wise wanderers save energy with sealed lips.”

The dunes conceal sinkholes

Beyond that horizon lurks delirium.

A demon hell ride into terminal psychosis.

Vacation mirages in the depths of slow superheated boredom.

The background cries and moans rattle around.

Trapped in a tin can.

Devoid of sunroof – unfortunate

Despite its command of the certain doom

Lost now, circling the mesa

Searching for a lone, envisioned gas station.

Waiting for the wayward milk and honey billboard.

But it is never found, except at night.

Locked up and dry as the desolate surroundings.

Desert Egyptians claim you will win this card game.

One more hand, but the cards are stacked.

One wrong draw and things run afoul.

But you’ll never know because the

Tent is warm and full of lovelies.

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