false gods

Who will love me at the last day on earth,

Surely not you , surely no one,

You won't even remeber my name so you say,

But I could never forget yours ,

Don't call me words that are more false then all gods,

I am none of the above and you must be lying my love,

I will move from this state get you out of my head,

I rather not think of you than be dead,

I put blood on your wrists because you wanted to know what pain felt like,

Well I i give and gave you love that you never took in

This is you being punished for your sins,

You hold on to the bed as long as it kills you,

Because you also know it isn't save pass that room,

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a me & you

late night

whiskey shots

mono sex

strips & dots

shallow middle

empty hands

slow motion

do you understand?

empty mind

fill her in

i give up

so you'll win

i am but a lifeless body

please take advantage of me

scar tissue

no reflex

so caught

i do my best

endless name

book case

burning carpet

forget my face

please forget me

I'm starting the fire

Last one

ten oh two

lost lovers

a me & you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmm whiskey.

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Eternal Flames

With window wide open

She opens her arms as far as her heart allows

Welcoming the stubborn wind.

With every smacking breeze and breathless grips

Her fire spirit awakens and strenghtens

Stretching her wings and ready to fly

She takes off to the darkening cloudless sky

For every flap of the wing and kiss to the moon

She gives out a radiant light so peaceful and dangerous

Joy is what she is, light is what she'll give

For I am a fire bird she thinks.

She turns to see her beauty and gasps in horror

Seeing the city struggle with consuming fire and screaming beings,

She shudders and gives in to her own devastation.

For it is one thing she did not know;

That she is Et€rnally Flam€d.

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seymour skagnetti



this man is rocking my world

he hangs

by a steele clamp

swinging from the hairs of

my overdeveloped balls

clank clamp clang


i cant fight

i cant feel

i cant hold a party

i cant be real

what i really want to do

drive around with a cop

in my trunk.

got a bank

got any diamonds.

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Folding Chair

Older stuff

Another scenario where the actors take a bow, let the final curtain draw on this shameless little play. The characters are to be killed off, and everything ends in tragedy. Tragedy gives the world what it wants, listening to tales of woes make people realize how good they have it. What happened to being glad for someone...When someone achiveves something amazing, we just let it go like its nothing, but when someone loses a friend, they all give them sympathy? What kind of deranged logic is this, They don't need your sympathy, they need someone to remind them of the good times they have had. Saying sorry is just an excuse to put no effort into anything, just say it and it covers all wounds. Well some people can see right through liars, and nothing better then watching a liar trying to untangle himself from his own web of lies. It gives way more satisfaction then winning money, because although you may have deserved that money, the guy deserved to be caught in his own lies even more, and thats a satisfaction that money cannot buy. The greater the tragedy, the greater the applause. Try and make everything work out in a most disfiguring manner, but don't get caught up and lose faith. That's all that some people do, devote time into making their tragedy seem so much more bigger then it is. I can see right through it, you cannot lie to someone who knows what hes doing. Don't try and cover it up with lies because then you are caught up in a web of lies, and then no one can gain any satisfaction from someone lying to protect someone else...thats when it becomes a tragic irony. No longer will the other actors follow the tale, just try and play along hoping for the best...and the screen fades away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Splurge and steal.

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My World


Come into my world

Go ahead, don't be shy.

Watch out for the giant crows

That fly swiftly through the night.

See my garden of compassion?

Yeah, I know it's untended.

And them trees are pretty scraggly huh?

They haven't had much sunlight.

That over there is my swamp,

But I dare not go near it for

I fear something odd has

Decided to inhabit.

See my's barren

But it's just so spacey I had to have it.

Oh yeah, my pets, um.....

They haven't eaten in some time.

My sky is so dark;

Not a star in sight.

Don't step in that quicksand;

It'll swallow you up.

Like my house?

It's kind of falling apart.

Oh and here are my books;

Sorry, the words are missing.

Would you like some music?

It's just static but it will do.

Oh, looks like it's raining;

Don't stand under a leak.

Your flesh would be eaten

Away by the acid.

I hope you enjoy your stay here;

It isn't often I receive guests.

Well don't you like your bedroom?

Just ignore the pests.

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Psychotic Dementia: My diagnosis

Could you all please stop screaming in there?

My eardrum is pounding, its beat so dulcet.

Have you ever known you thoughts were not to be shared?

I’ve given you so much rest, when then do I quit?

I own your burden I carry your broken dreams.

I’ve slowed your rivers current to a steady flow.

All you do now is float through the stream

The cold water is freezing.  My stone of blood I know.

I could fulfill my promise but I need your counsel.

You idly wade through but please stop peaking.

I am tired of listening you are perishable.

To you I have turned a deaf ear to your counseling

When you instruct me to do your tedious work,

I faithfully fulfill your every whim.

I never question what you wish, oh, but yes I irk.

Why do I believe in you?  For you why do I sin?

Would you just give me a moment of peace?

How much longer is my bodies lease?

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Poor Julian.

"Just remember that you really need to appreciate things, Julian."

"I will."

"We don't need you taking things for granted again."

but julian never listens and julian never shows thanks, he never provides courtesy.

he just takes and takes and takes.

and one day it all backfires.

when julian is found, lying in a landfill.

the officers didn't even bother investigating, they were always fed up with julian's bullshit.

they packaged up his body and shoved him in a black bag.

at the morgue, the coroner laid him out on the table.

"That's the most horrific thing I've ever seen."

his family didn't bother identifying the body.

they couldn't stand seeing his face, the way it was twisted.

his eyes, missing.

and each of his fingers, they were only bone.

the flesh had been eaten by an animal, or maybe a being.

his body just stayed frozen there in the morgue.

no one ever spoke again of poor julian lurtz.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Uhh no idea.  I wrote this while I was out of it.

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I'll hide in the trash

Keeping out of sight

So I can scare you and laugh

Into the night

You'll be pissed but forgive me

And when forgiven, I'll horse-kick your nuts

Then I will flee

Before you cut out my guts

As I run, I trip

And fall on my ass

Then a bus hits me

And rips me in half

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