Give me your whip

Give me your chain

Give me that pain

There is to gain

I want it thick

I want it rough

I want the love

That is true tough

I want you now

I want you bad

Help make me feel

That growing fad

Of whips and chains

The blood and cum

All on my face

Till I become

So close to mine

From the true brute

Create the pain

That surging shoot

Choking my neck

Breathing so hard

As you let go

And then discard

All over me

Again, again

Doing it hard

Now bring more men

To fuck me still

Dicks on my face

Hair pulled back tight

A new replace

Another guy

A harder ride

On top of him

In, out I glide

A louder moan

More sweating beads

Drip down our face

Which only feeds

The growing throb

The painful scream

To lead again

Another cream

Replace once more

Another guy

Helping him to

Unzip his fly

Bending over

Sliding it in

More from the back

So we begin

Holding my hips

Thrusting into

A slippery stream

Of creamy goo

A leather glove

Against my ass

Spanking harder

Bring in the mass

Hands grabbing tight

Onto the street

I still scream out

"I more meat"

I want it hard

I want it long

I want some more

Screwing so strong

Out in the open


For all to see

Our ammunition

The more the eyes

The more the grow

Building pleasure

Put on a show

Turn me over

Lift my legs

Shoving it in

With all my begs

Another load

Shooting once more

Between my thighs

Next guy now four

He stood me up

Pressed back against

With his strong choke

More fun commenced

Even thicker

Then all the rest

And licks about

Against my breast

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Ed would sit in front

of the TV all day,

watch repeat after repeat

and never go out and play.

He didn't have friends

and wouldn't do sport,

endless entertainment

his TV had brought.

But Ed was warned

if he watched to much TV,

His eyes would square

and lose functionality.

His eye lids would blister

and his pupils would grow,

His lashed would dread

and his retina would go.

But Ed didn't bother

he loved his TV,

they were inseparable

and joined at the knee.

Then the day came

when Ed felt a twitch,

his skin started to stiffen,

his face started to itch.

But the change wasn't sudden,

it took a short while.

His left ear dropped off

and replaced by a dial.

On his top lip

rested a mole,

which turned and turned into

a volume control.

Ed always knew

his head was quite square,

but he developed right angles

and lost his brown hair.

And finally his eyes

which once gave him sight,

dissolved into crystals

and shone coloured light.

For the new unfortunate boy

now fixed on channel 3,

wouldn't believe the tale

of young Edward TV.

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The Long Night

I see my world as a barren hill

Laid bold with the corpse of treant

The lifeless ground is soft and damp

From a shower that has long since past

The sky held gray with a foreboding touch

Now holds no rainbow in remembrance

There are no birds or grass to grow

Only an impending shadow of my soul

I pray for light to rule this world

A warming touch to make it whole

The world itself withers away

Leaving a void from hence to take

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Bless'ed Anointed

Raging Fires

Too many poli-tricks in a world of rev-illusions

With no right in the fight causing confusion

Desirable escape for the mass through those gates

Morning star awakes as the darkness takes shape

In the mists of light stands the one to fear

Anointed by the damned and held fast with their tears

Blood soaked avenger with the eyes of hell

Forbidden dialect predicts foreboding horror tales

Born of flames of hell and by the grace of God

Bowing down to none yet paying penance to all

It's the lyrical spirit with the mystical mind

Ethereal grace embraced in essence of time

Heavensent passion for the realms of man

Bless'ed be the one the son of the damned

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High Revolution

The Void

I'm just a man not worth more than you see

But every now and then I become more than me

Strap the belt down tight grip my wheel just right

Put the pedal to the metal get ready for a sight

When man meets machine it's a glorious thing

Like a clockwork dog ain't nothing as it seems

Give me a straight flat drag up to a twenty mile flag

Smell the fumes from the pipes and realize you got snagged

Got a Camaro ninety seven with a custom transmission

Stock sport engine with the turbo addition

Feel the revs from the bleachers like the pounding of your heart

And when the smoke settles I'll be done before the start

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Wife's Last Words

Suicide Poems

(Talking to herself and her abusive husband)

“Now I lay me down to rest,

I know I didn’t do my best,

I tried and I couldn’t do it right,

I’m tired cuz I tried all night.”

(Laying down on the bed)

“Now I lay me down to sleep,

Another sound tonight, I won’t peep,

If I should utter another sound,

Go ahead and gun me down.

(Soft snoring accompanied by a single gunshot)

Now I lay me down to die,

I know my life sucked, but why?

If I am still alive when you come back in,

Please shoot me in the heart again.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has a little plot-line to it. The wife talks the husband into murdering her, but it's really twisted suicide.

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Dark Poems


"What beings lurk out there,

destined forever into the lands of  the nether world?

Is it in their eyes that they see us,

watching and waiting for our backs to turn ever slightly,

so that then they may trail us,

and eat the tracks we leave behind?"

Listening, now I hear it,

their macabre wails of old sink  into the night.

There is no heat to melt this frost

from my lips, no comfort to shade me from the

touch  of those ghastly figures...

and still they tread.

Marching like the dead of Hades,

crushing carnage beneath their withered feet.

How deranged their faces are!!

Night terrors from childhood years seem to grasp me;

I let out a scream, choking

back tears of painful memories.

Dreading, now I fear it,

the corpselike beings make their way through the dark.

Swaying, they move to and fro,

much like a ballet of zombies and they are closer still.

I wish to run, but cannot move...

and now they have me.


"What beings lurk out there,

destined forever into the lands of the nether world?

Is it in their eyes that they see us,

watching and waiting for us to disappear like dreams?

Why do they run when they know

that we will always follow them close?"

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Cluster Mumble

Upon a hazy cloud of strife

The greys and the blues come to be

Lazily they sway above us

Until they're translated by man

Into the foreign

Into the sad and the foul

The lightning faces outcast

The thunder is a nuisance

Rain drops force us indoors

And they pool into a brand new graveyard,

Sunlight is destined to flare

To burn us all alive

The warmth it provides

It's all trivial in its consequence

The green plants wither

All things still lean a bit lower

And all things mobile move a little slower,

Stone silver behemoth

With melted sand in your eyes

You were never really a friend

No real friend of mine

You're so stable and majestic

It'd be a joy to see you smile

Sad as it is, all you do is stand

And fall

With a hole in your side on your birthday,

My screen is a vision of me

Not so reflective but ever so descriptive

The complications fizzle

We're so simple

Our society's just so simply serene

Things get easy

We'll just sit a little longer

Things come to us

Eventually we'll have fins

And we'll eventually lose those as well

Intricate things don't fascinate us anymore,

Poetry was a market

A log, a scandal and a spoken word

Professionals were called forth

Taken for hire by the mile and by the mile

Kings and Queens to Dukes and Lords

My lady, may I partake?

We'll observe and place things in artsy code

Generations will struggle

Never to figure it out

Classical literature

On the back of a napkin it lays

Without the slighest hint of effort

Or expression

Just there to justify some sense of self.

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Above the planes

Below sea level,

I never thought what laid behind those hills,

I never read the side affect of those pills.

Is it autumn yet?

I'm sick of this summer sweat.

Ever since you played nice,

I've been paying the price.

Above the planes.

Waiting here all night,

Looking out for an invite.

I've learn not to stare,

I see you learn not to care.

We are all at war,

With our own damn corps.

Your waist line.

Time to get even.

Time to believe in.

Volcano, spilling your regrets

Volcano, litting your cigarettes.

We put angels on our front lines.

Just to explode all the land mines.

We are our own god,

Life is one big facade,

Evolution is all fake,

Pollution is the new savior,

We are our fathers mistakes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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