time's thought (00000101)

They are in here.

unifying time so grim

our world has lost it’s final limb

saying goodbye now we try

to send our message in again

stoped this message

time after time

sadly we can always find

night is day

and day is lost

only now can you find

through this ever dying time

the mirror found in every eye

this mirror has only one hole

the exit hole

the only entrace to your soul

looking in your eyes we see

the words you want them to be set free

looking now you ring this bell

together we shall live

or we shall live in hell

together we now find

the only end this time

is the only sign of life we find

this life struggle fading fast

only to find nothing shall last

together we find this grim time

together we die in our only lie

now we know only of time

as our last remaining find

life is only a lie in time

this sign that tells us

only to listen to what propels us

and to end this lie

together we must soar high

and shatter the reminicent lie

of life and time

that we find

when we loose this lie

our worlds will finally collide

this collision sets the time

of the destruction thats gone by

here we are and here we see

the truth alone will set us free.

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مريـم الآخــــرى : محمد عبد الله شمو

هاهى الأرض تغطت بالتعب  

  البحار إتخذت شكل الفراغ

  وأنا مقياس رسم للتواصل .. والرحيل

  وأنا الآن الترقب .. وإنتظار المستحيل

  أنجبتنى مريم الأخرى قطاراً وحقيبة

  أرضعتنى مريم الأخرى قوافى

ثم أهدتنى المنافى

  هكذا قد خبرونى .. ثم قالوا لى ترجـّل


  ثم أنتِ .. أنت ياكل المحاور .. والدوائر

  يا حكايات الصبا

  تحفظين السر .. والمجد الذى مابين نهديك .. إختبا

  ليس يعنيك الذى قد ضاع من عمرى هباء

  وأنا .. يا صغيرتى .. لست أدرى ما الذى يدفعنى دفعاً .. إليك

  ما الذى يجعلنى أبدو حزيناً

  حين أرتاد التسكع .. فى مرايا وجنتيك

  لا عليك

  فعلي هذه السفوح .. المطمئنة

  نحن قاتلنا سنيناً .. وأقتتلنا

  نحن سجلنا التآلف .. فى إنفعالات الأجنة

  وأحتوانا البحر .. والمد اليقاوم .. والشراع

  يا هذه البنت التى  

تمتد فى دنيايا سهلاً .. وربوعاً .. وبقاع

  ما الذى  قد صبّ فى عينيك شيئاً من تراجيديا الصراع


  والمدى يمتد وجداً عابراً هذى المدينة

  خبرينى هل أنا أبدو حزينا

  هل أنا القاتل .. والمقتول حيناً .. والرهينة

  هل أنا البحر الذى لا يأمن الآن السفينة ؟

  خبئينى بين جدران المسام

  قبلينى مرةً فى كل عام

  فأنا أحتاج أن  ألقاكِ  فى كل عام

  أنا أحتاج أن ألقاكِ فى ذرات جسمى

  فى الشرايين المليئة بإنقلابات المزاج

  فى إنعكاس الضوء

  فى النافذة الأولى .. وبلـّور الزجاج

  .. هكذا قد خبرونى .. ثم قالوا لى ترجل


  وعلى أطروحة الحلم المسافر .. ألتقيك

  على حمى الرحيل المستمر .. الآن .. فى كل المواطن ألتقيك

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A Recurrent Dream/shadow boxing/Paperback

--A Recurrent Dream--

I have a recurrent dream:

   darkness piling on to more darkness

   and my sleepy head falling in to it.

Every time I blink my eyes,

I see a place where I can rewind my life

   and speed along its causeways.

I'm so sorry to interrupt your meal,

but all I need is another push in this direction

and another pill to push through my system.

   I have a Recurrent Dream.

--shadow boxing--

shadow boxing with vultures

is never a laughing matter.

it takes too long to hide

the rotting corpse of truth.

where is my dignity,

my respect for myself,

my sense of belonging?

being picked away by scavengers--

or so i have been told.


all my life

i have been

a character

in a novel

the loner

without friends

who is living

in a hovel

i have sworn

i have smoked

i have cried

i have provoked

i have killed

and been killed

i have broken

and been broke

all my life

i have been

a character

in a book

drawn along


by the gleaming

of your hook

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What Do You Feel?

Intestinal cramps from your inner anatomy

It's just food indigestion for you and me!

Peptic ulcer was the culprit in their theory

Second opinion from a doctor of philosophy!

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Astral Projection

It's late at night when I,

When I thought I'd die!

Looking with just one eye,

I see my blackened self fly!

Grappling with life up high,

I gasped for breath.  Sigh!

"It was not me anymore!", I cry

But it's not myself who cry!

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Mind Fuck

I've let you in

I've closed the door

now trapped here with me, are you ever more.

My soul lies bare

my heart wide open.

A puppet I could be

if that is your wish for me.

Even as you wander the corridors of my tumultous mind

I gaze into and see right through

the shields behind which you hide.

The mind into which I gaze, is as complex as mine own

a veritable maze

but it's corridors I know

it's puzzle within me and as simple as this poem.

Into your mind I cast my insight

into your soul I turn and stare

my probing eyes ravage you

laying all bare.

Your longings I feel,

your cravings I desire.

I gaze inside

I am inside, the skin you hide within.

With a touch

with a thrust or a kiss, you fade away

you float away in a sea of bliss.....

while upon your body

my touch is never remiss.

Within my heart you have wandered

all chance of escape, have you now squandered.

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...: Fleas :...




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Children's poem. I think this is gold, but a lot of people don't see the genius behind it. Maybe it really is just an awful poem haha

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Heavenly Devil


Once, twice, thrice the bell tolls.

Sounding for your life, your death, your afterlife.

Alongside heavenly joy and power, comes a great fear of the unknown, and a problem encountered by the everlasting Emmanuel!

Im not lost!

Okay, maybe I am!


Confusion that's brought about in your stride. Conciousness lost by these laws we abide!

Hold up my hands to surrender myself. Im not lost, really im not... or am I?

Pray tell my lost soul once to talk, once to salute and once to walk.

I dare not venture to fight back today, or even tonight, or another new day!

Here 'tis a journey that I recognise. The only thing here to please my eyes!

There, what is that light, I remember this place, that building, that tree, that open fire!

I remember that night, 2 years ago. I remember that place where lillies doth grow. I remember the home that encounters a scene. I remember that person whom holdeth one key!

The key to a life lost years in the past. A key pray would open a rift that would last.

The one time again, the one time to go. Heavenly Devil, the one whom I know!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Confusion... that just about sums this one up! lol!

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[*My heart*]


Take my heart and please be nice.

Treat it like a small piece of fragile rice.

Never say goodbye, or it will hurt.

As if you just stomped it into the dirt.

To it be honest, and to your word be true.

Because the only thing it wants is just to be with you.

It beats faster when you come around.

When your not in drops straight down to the ground.

My heart never wants you to let go.

But unsure of how to tell you everything so you know.

Your happiness is what it looks for.

Knowing you are the perfect one for it to adore.

Wanting your heart to feel the same way.

Beating next to yours each and every new day.

Loving everything about how you act.

Being with you forever is the most desired fact.

Never wanting you to be sad or blue.

Because my heart loves the happy you.

It wishes you sweet dreams and hope you sleep tight.

Loving the feeling of talking to you before bed each and every night

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