Strange Nights

Satanic Serenades

Thunder rumbles in the West

Moon aglow amidst the growing gloom

Ghostly visions haunt the mind

Impressions of a dreamlike time

A cycle turned, to ashes burned

In solitude, await return

Gazing out upon the earth

With an oracle sublime

Contemplating on what was

And what is yet to be

By the strains of infernal sounds

Creating a reality

Strange Nights by candlelight

A willow whispers in the wind

The chilling vernal breath resounding

Through blighted canyon shadow's grin

In constant enigmatic thrall

Ever rise, ne'r fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

9 February, XLIV.

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"Twelve Past"

Although altogether alone

Man ate bare

And so became a nature

Of unending

Coming and going

And coming

And going

To intervene with such grace

The strings of wisdom

Contain our end

Engulfed in guilt is the snake

That sat and ate a whale

And only through suspense

We can see the fruits of

Cursed apple seeds

As a star threw thorns

We relish

How sweet they've become

In the ground


Buried under the weight of

Who am I?

Life ending

Even before

It began

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Chunky. Milk. eugh. I left the container in the car, and forgot. Oops? Looks like I'll be having my cereal with water today. or just eat a bagel. I once had a friend that ate her cereal with OJ. That's gross. Grosser than chunky milk. I once had a sleeping back that said "chunky" on it. i always thought it was funny. I later found out it was a candy bar that I never tried. My body is chunky sometimes. Man, I feel chunky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chunky prompt.

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good night, sleep tight,

don't let the bed bugs bite.

don't mind the snakes on the floor

or the shadows in the door,

fear not the beast under the bed,

don't mind the stains of red

or the demons in the hall,

run, but watch not to fall

look to the eyes in the corner,

but do not fright...

you can always turn

back to the light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i don't even know

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caffeine omg, gimme!


here we go!



energy shots

everything by the lots!

leave nothing to spare

look up in the air

its a bird

its a plane

it's caffiene man!



two elements combined

like clark kent and louis lane

the super ingredient that's for me

all mine

all mine

more potent than love potion number 9

caffeine is my true friend

mixes well with sugar

makes my energy level even bigger

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just random lol

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Prophezeiung der Herrin

Etwas unbekanntes ist in mir, ich kann es kaum erklären

Es reisst mich in tausend Stücke, stiehlt mir meine Tränen

Um mich damit zu überschütten, zwingt mich auf die Knie

Zeigt mir wie schmerzhaft Liebe tatsächlich sein kann

Du hast die totale Kontrolle über mich gewonnen

Den Titel Herrin hast du dir mit Recht erworben

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A Trip, for Damages, and Retail

I feel my centers burning

Releasing all my steam

The heat keeps rising, pushing through

Through holes and scars it escapes me

I have formed a legion

Crusading through the skies

But the statues rise, they cauterize

They've realized themselves

And with their pity they redeem their centers

With their mortar they serve a cause

They crumble down and consume each other

To be a part of something bright

They change their signals and burst on through

Wave to me, wave to you, stand perfectly still

Fluttering to silence and removing themselves

They've all gone scattered again

And the lady she, she's gone berserk

And she's taking me down her roads

Her pretty face is a savage thought

That wields a savage rift

She's turning black and infecting me

Draining life and fading blue

The sting returns, the defenses fall

Years of turbulence shredding it

But we've tried to muddled on

And the ice is a part of it all

You try to take me back?

I'll make sure you freeze to death

Craters bring down the structure

The logic has been lost to ages

I'm flying with a smile

Would it even mattered if we didn't make it?

Glints of neon in my eyes

On the rise, up the fall

It's all gone backwards, senseless as it was

I couldn't make anything out of it

I was lost but not forgotten

Without a sense of recklessness

Emotions were on the rebound

And all the walls came to the Earth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

That was an experience.

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The Swing

Satanic Serenades

I see an empty swing blowing in the wind
With a squeak and a creek
A remnant of a bygone time...

I hear a faint song floating in the breeze
A distant echo in the mind
A tune long forgotten by the world...

The sickly scent of flowers
Lingers in the air
When something caught My eye in the mist...

I see a little girl upon the rusty swing
Rocking back and forth
Smiling and care-free
With a doll that looks just like her...

I found that doll one day
While searching in the attic
And placed her on that swing...

Now every time the wind blows
Rocking back and forth
I hear that song again
And the distant sound of laughter...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An impression derived while out at Satan's Hollow, from which one observes a swing.

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Am I feeling depressed

Is it a form of being sad

Or something so simple

As just feeling bad

I can’t even think

Of a better word to say

On what I’m feeling

This moment of astray

This new emotion

I’ve never dealt

Filling me with something

I’ve never felt

I’ve gone so low

I’ve hit the floor

And looking back

My tears just pour

Didn’t care before

I couldn’t see when

Now I am here

Wishing to see then

I’m covered in blemish

I have scars of shame

I’ve years of neglect

And I’m to blame

What can I do

Where do I go

Maybe up

From being so low

But it seems too hard

It seems so far

To get back up

From this emotional scar

I’m so miserable here

But too tired to move

Anywhere else

Or try to improve

All because

I couldn’t see

This is what’s

Become of me

Inspired by: My last straw of self-disgust

Created on: June 7, 2008 – 0435

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