The SuperNothing


On a weightless world I have the power to fly

In the land of lead I have x-ray eyes

I'm like Superman on a sea of kyrptonite

And the strongest alive with no one to fight

I can smash steel barehanded but the world is wool

In the arctic my icy breath cannot cool

Nor my burning eyes quench fires cruel

And this intellect brands me a genius fool

I have worlds to give in a cosmos of plenty

So much love to spread but the world is empty

And my poets tounge sings among the deaf

Who lie sleeping in softest worlds of rest

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I have no words left

Youve sucked them from my lips

Like sweet syrup

You drank your fill

Until nothing remains

To sustain me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to Tyler Nael

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Wings of The Dead

Breaking and shattering

The moment that the free world woulde dread

Unleashing a depressive naturl darkness

Flap of the black wings of death

Sacrifice has lost the other side

Will of darkness and death floods his mind again

Destorying the path that was made in the light

Redemptions touch

Her kiss

Her feeling can't seem to calm this inner rage

Losing to the side of dispair

A drop of blood flows from a cut

The red liquid flows down the arm of him

A tear from Redemtion

A personified broken depressive veil has been reweaved

Sacrifice is on the line

Despression and a fallen shadow

Love and happyness

Breaking down

No means to escape this broken world

Out there are people

None who will listen

Do they know the pain they have caused

The breaking of the veil

Upon the broken wings

The veil of the depressive stae of Sacrifice

Forever more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i want to leave

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Revised 9-18-03

Stop everything!







Cease to Exist

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You're just another liar

Like the rest

Your promices are dust

I try to hold them with both hands

They scatter as the wind blows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deticated to: Jimi

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There is a void


there is a void deep inside of me

a void that can't seem to be filled

I've tried everything to fill it

but the blood from me has been spilled

after each day I still feel

completely empty inside

and I still can't

wipe away the tears I've cried

I don't know what to believe anymore

my faith is becoming dry

and I just don't know what to cling to

so that I have a reason not to cry

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My heart in your hands

It was broken

To begin with

Does that mean

It can never be cherished?

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Bad Day

I've had just a bad day

All rainy and looking quite gray.

It was such a horrible day

I could hardly keep my tears at bay.

I wish I could talk to you now

But I'm not sure what I'd say, or how

Talking to you, hearing what you think

Makes me turn all rosy pink

Many have asked too many times

For the answer of nine times nine

I'm starting to get so sick

Of the people who act like a dick.

They think they're so cool

So hip and so hop

Colder than the pool

Colder than an ice pop.

I hate them all

It's all a scam

I hope they all fall

From a flight on Pan Am!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is from when I was being teased at school.  The last line is a little harsh, but I don't think that I really meant it.

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While you were sleeping


while you were sleeping safe and sound

I was falling to my knees on the ground

while you were sleeping in your comfy bed

I was battling vicious voices in my head

while you were sleeping lost in peaceful dreams

I was living in a nightmare and couldn't break free

while you were sleeping without a care in the world

I was scared to death and reading God's word

while you were sleeping tonight

I was trying desperately to win the fight

and I guess you'll never know what I'm feeling

or what happened to me while you were sleeping

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