Nothing is Forever

Nothing is Forever

Nothing is forever

If it was then we would die

Humans need things to fade

That way they can solve it

With anything forever

We would destroy it

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Isn’t it funny?

The way fate makes your life,

Miserable and happy at the same time?

It’s like she doesn’t know what to do

So she makes you miserable


And Broken

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Death and Life

Death and Life

If death is to life

And life is to death

What would you do?

If life was death

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short little blurb

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I'm only good enough

When it's just the two of us

Since I'm replaceable

My self worth

Is directly proportional

To your attention span

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Self harm/Suicide


don’t know what I feel

But I feel my scars reopening

I don’t know how to feel

As blood slips down my arm

Drips down my arm

Staining once healed skin

Dying from within

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A Dark Knight

My face cannot be read

With this dark hood that covers my head

I try not to be found

I try to sneak without a sound

Beneath my hood, beneath my shirt

Hides the vengeance of my hurt

I hug it tight so no one will see

What hides within me

Waiting for the moment that’s right

Anxiously gripping the handle tight

Blending in we all look the same

Our only difference is in the name

I know your name, it’s lazy

Now you know mine, I’m crazy

Soon your nightmares become true

When you see my gun, pointed at you

I laugh with anger in my eyes

One bullet for every one of your lies

One, two, three, four

Fuck it, I fire four more

I am here to make you see

I hate you for what you’ve done to me

When you are finished, I will go

Back to the shadow that no one will know

You cannot place the blame

On a killer who has no name

I am a dark knight, your only friend

I am your leader who takes you to to your end

You will know when it is your time

Your life in your hands, the gun in mine

I am your guiding light

I am your dark knight

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I Am

No more left to say

It’s time for me to face the day

No more places to hide

Nothing else left inside

Fires burn from the outside in

Fire destroys everything within

Burning everything I used to be

Creating a whole new image of me

If you wonder why I don’t give a damn

It’s because you don’t even know who I am

I am that bump in the night

I am that feeling when nothing feels right

I am that cloaked man that follows you home

I am the one who attacks when you’re all alone

I am that monster living under your bed

I am that crazy voice inside your head

I am so crazy, sick, and twisted

And it is me that is so fucken gifted

I sneak in without a sound

I wait till no one else is around

In your dreams you try to run

In comes the crazy fuck with a gun

Its just then I put your dream on hold

Observing, the grip is warm and the barrel cold

The birds that fly and sing

The bells swing and the chimes ring

The wind blows a stiff breeze

Yet the waters are calm and at ease

The people continue on as if we weren’t there

No one stops cause no one cares

I press play to resume your nightmare

Your eyes meet my demonic glare

I raise the barrel about chest high

Just as I let the lead fly

Blood stains your earth red

As you awake in your own bed

I told you I am whatever I want to be

The reaper, the boatman, even the devil, that’s me

I am in your car during the wreck

I am the rope around your neck

I am the book you have already read

I am the 45 that is at your head

I am the food that’s on your plate

I am the one who chooses your fate

I am the razor that cuts in your skin

I am your demons that hide deep within

I am the note you left family and friends

I am the one who greets you in the end

I am the highlight of your lies

I am the devil in disguise

I am whatever I say I am

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Bleeding Lies


About where you are


You’re not too far


Your every screams


Not what it seems


Me with lies


To see your eyes


For something new


All over you


All for lust


Losing my trust

I’m going, I’m gone

Always wondering what went wrong

You’re so good in your disguise

I’m still sorting through all of your lies

But I need you to feel

Feel anything that is real

I’ve been trying to tell you some how

Yet nothing is coming out right now

My silence causes me pain

As your lies drive me insane

Help me, I’m crawling

Save me, I’m falling

I need you to see

Inside the real me


You what I am


Loud as I can


From an open cut


You to sew me shut


The things I’ve said


Shit in my head


All your lies


Everyone dies

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This Will Be The Last

       This will be…

This will be the last time

I let anyone take what is mine

This will be the last friend

That I will lose in the end

This will be the last kiss

From loved ones that I miss

This will be the last meal

I will ever have to steal

And this will be my last day

Before everything is taken away

…I cannot stop what has no brakes

No time left to correct my mistakes

People know nothing of what I’ve done

So many things that I have done wrong

But don’t you fear, don’t you worry

Life will be done, over in a hurry

I want nothing more of this life I have made

But it’s what I’ve been dealt and I cannot trade

This will be…

This will be the last place

I will ever have to wear this face

This will be the last home

I will ever have to live in alone

This will be the last light

That gets left on all night

And this will the last word

No others will ever be heard…

This will be the last.

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