Cry Over Me


"Cry Over Me" 11 - 8 - 2011

surrounded by the dreams decay i find it here again
lingering emotions of what was torn apart
a basket of my sins
all caged inside a dying heart

haunting all my new starts i find it here again
shadow figures and puppet masters
attached by strings
and masks made of plaster

i can't stand it any more so i've brought the wrecking ball
i've come to tear it down
to silence the cries, absorb the tears
to wipe the slate clean

i'll make you cry for me, c'mon cry for me
cry for all the darkened memories
c'mon cry for me, show me you bleed
oh, cry for me, no, no, cry for the memory

seeing all i've done in a slow slideshow
my sins unmasked by hindsight
i blocked them out, now they return
in haunting dreams, awakened screams
darkened corners lit by ember stings

so baby cry for me, please cry for me
i've found out i'm nothing compared to could-be's
scream out for me, halt all i be
cry for me, so-so don't let it need

i've done nothing but hurt you, all i've done is hurt me
a hundred times i saw what i could not be
i can't make you cry for me, i can't make you cry

for me

now she cries for me, sheds tears in a mental bleed
torn asunder, made so many blunders
hindsight finds all i hid from me

she doesn't cry for me, it's now i see
she only cries for the dead inside of me

the door's unsealed, gasps escape
dying breaths of all i tried to be

no, she can't cry for me
she never cried for me
trauma blooms, regretta roses
are all my tears can feed

no, she didnt cry for me, it's now i see
she cried for the one thing i'd never be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ive had this song in my head for years, incomplete. i have not written in some months/year and suddenly felt the ghostly urge to write it. i may revisit it, touch it up some. but i believe i captured the emotion ive held for so long. such a relief!! to finally find the words for something that was once unexpressable.

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Stupid ants
Wreck each other
Kill yourselves
As none other

Repeated cycle
All in vain
Teach another
Undue pain

Who will play
King of the hill
When one is never
Better still

The pretense being
He can never
Be all seeing

Wrest each mandible
From the other
Lay these weapons
Down asunder

Was the whole
All worth the end
Does the act
In worth amend?

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(august 2010; lyrics are property of Created Nonsense Entertainment)

verse 1:

these bruises

  just won't heal

my choices

  haunt me still

and i swear it's

  bending my will

to survive this

  pain i feel


why don't you see

what's happening to me

i'm choking i'm drowning

i can't breath

i can't breath

verse 2:

these voices

  in my head

are filling

  me with dread


  what you said

no one would miss me

  if i were dead

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The clock ticks,

Breaks this silence like a cymbol

seconds pass with no other sound

The betrayl burns as you swallow

Each loud long second spurs your anger

You let out a breath and wonder

How is it that this changes nothing

The clock ticks on

It has become the enemy

Measuring each second of torment

one, two, three, four

How many seconds remain

Will this change nothing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First time I've written probably in over a year

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I have no words for what I need to say

I have no understanding for why I live each day

I cannot let go and it’s not because I refuse to

It’s because each place is haunted by memories of you

The inside jokes that I cannot tell

The way my pillow still has your smell

The mundane and all the rest

The way I used to lay my head upon your chest

Your heartbeats lullaby

The silence makes me cry

The little things that mean so much

The absence of your touch

Empty spaces where the pictures used to be

A reflection of the emptiness inside me

How selfish of you to take it all away

Would it have killed you to stay?

I could have mourned a death more easily

Instead you asked I set you free

Free as if I kept you captive

You were always free to live

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Ripping, shredding, tearing,
Wounds gushing, blazing,
Sky blasting fire,
Hell raining down,

Wash me away,
wash away.

Lightning bellowing,
Finding new paths,
Above lit in streaks,
Thunder shaking,

Come back rain,
Sweet dark night,
wash away.

Ebbing silence no more,
Trembling, shaking,
Breaking and screaming,
On knees,

Begging again,
Rain, rain,
Run upon me,
Icy cool nostalgia.

Streaming down the face,
Grinding teeth,
Clenching fists,
Red streaks now.

Bellowing roar,
Agony, pain,

This is not
Burning, flowering,
World afire,

Rain again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sweet, sweet memory.

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No use abusing

or cursing anyone when

restless and breathless

I cry to God to help me

for a while let me sleep

sexless meditate

in the darkest of hours

negotiate peace

with self and rest even if

I exist in my sufferings


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Let my blood fall with my tears

Let the pain wash away the years

Take my conscience so I can rest

Take my life from my aching chest

Give me pills to numb my thoughts

Leave me here and let me rot

Let me lie here lifeless

Let me be careless

Bring it all to and end

So I no longer have to pretend

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Recently found a few poems I wrote back between '05 and '07, this is one of them.

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(Translated) My broken frozen heart

Book 7

I am frozen inside,

With my heart closed to my mind

If you could just tell me why we are apart

Why do we seem to be so far apart

You only see what you want to see

You are concerned with how you perceive what you see

You hold the key to my love

Why did you lock me away and shut off your love

I am frozen

My heart will stay broken

If only you could melt my heart

We could be happy and not apart

Because you hold my hearts key

Why do you hate what you see

I am frozen

I am frozen

I am frozen inside

With my heart closed to my mind

I am frozen

With my heart broken

I am totally frozen inside

With your words stinging my mind

You are so confused with how you love me

I just wish you could just see

How I am so cold and frozen

I am frozen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mein gebrochenes gefrorenes Herz(Translated)

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