What You Taught Me

You held my hand, and taught me to walk.
You told me I was special and taught me to talk.
The basics you gave, but you didn't stop there.
You taught me how not to care.
You never asked to be a mother,
Nor thought Id have a brother.
I was mommies little headache,
After all, it was her life I did take.
So over the years you continued to teach me,
Showing me exactly how I never want to be.
I've had time to learn, and time to observe.
Now I know an ounce of respect, you don't deserve.
Your selfish ways affect your own,
Yet not once has your compassion been shown.
Turning your back on your own family for your selfish reasons,
While your children wonder where you are as days turn to seasons.
I often wonder how you live with yourself,
Then I remember its all about you, just yourself.
So ask me what you have taught me over the time,
Its that loving you would be my biggest crime.
The greatest gift you ever gave me was hate,
Losing a son is now your fate.
Hate me as much as I hate you,
For its the only way for our feelings to be true.

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takemewithy0u's picture

I can completely understand (as I cannot think of a better word at the moment) where you are coming from when you write this... but sometimes it's best not to be left bitter.