salty aftermath

naked on the beach,
no towel underneath,
and the sand gritty
beneath, into, and
on top of everything
while lying next to the
ocean's rising tide,
the sea of hating,
remembering all
the loathing words
you spewed, berating,
salty drops of your envy
and resentment,
lost enchanment
drowns me, pulled
into the undertow
of remorse...

par for the course.


10:47 PM 4/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about playing the victim role.

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Love Sick

Sad Love Poems

yea after we split apart everything just didnt feel da same ; spending months clearin my thoughts and tryin to conceal the pain ; and for a short while my theapy seemed to work ; cuz no matter how hard my mind tried ; the word "lisa" did not lurk ; and i was doing fine by myself ; in fact i never felt better ; i was moving on with my life as our love became blurrer ; but after awhile i started to miss that feeling ; a girls touch ; a girls kiss ; a girls love is wat i started feening ; and if i look back at it now ; i realize somehow that u was jus a rebound ; u wasn't suppose to make it this far ; from a crowded ciagrett to my only everlasting cigar ; u fought n u fought ; and made it all the way to da end ; dispite ur trickery & lies and ur attempt to befriend ; u always jus feened for our love ; hoping that our hearts would just once again blend ~

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