blue ocean tides


In the stillness of the blue ocean tides
As the water sweeps on the sea rides
I feel you are with me; holding my hands,
Walking slowly along the cold wet sands,
Knowing that one day we shall meet.
In a silence of the early dawns greet
There is only few seagulls cry reside
Out in the ocean, watch the boat slide,
Somewhere, west winds touch the sunset,
Before the twilight, you will come to rest,
With tears of gladness, in your blue eye
You watch the fish, whispering good bye
Where is my darling, please do not hide,
I have waited so long, to be by your side!





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salty aftermath

naked on the beach,
no towel underneath,
and the sand gritty
beneath, into, and
on top of everything
while lying next to the
ocean's rising tide,
the sea of hating,
remembering all
the loathing words
you spewed, berating,
salty drops of your envy
and resentment,
lost enchanment
drowns me, pulled
into the undertow
of remorse...

par for the course.


10:47 PM 4/27/2013 ©

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A poem about playing the victim role.

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