Brooks to You

Ugonna Wachuku 


You did not leave those birds all
alone on the pathway. You did

plant flowers and dimples on lush
gardens of glow and smiles. 

You gladly did walk to that

bright blushing beat from the

enchanting eagle's empowering 

humble heartbeat heartily

druming itself to you on 

welcoming lush landscapes 

of home.   


You did smile on those birds
yearning for bounties in your
inspiring being on enriching

green bush paths of home

scented with sweet smelling

roasting corn and pears.


For the rejuvenating first
time, you walked with weary
waterfalls and whispering winds
to living love unbound; to new

uplifting soulful strength in

handsome heaven's heart.  


You left the land blooming with
rain and rainbow. You walked to
the eagle clad in your brilliant
blue cloud. You cultivated the
land for heaven's enriching
harvest from the earth's
welcoming womb. 


Yet, you did not leave those
brilliant birds and little me
to wallow in pain and longing
anguish through a heart

wounded at story time.


You gave most of your

peaceful soul made whole
by merciful, glorious grace:

So, let me send these abundant
brooks to you. Let me send this
mountain-faith moonbrook lush
to you. Let me see the soothing
stream you gave humankind!


Being nature's humble child,
let me send these peaceful
brooks of my heart to you.
Let me send you heaven's
natural nimbus clothed
with fragrant flowers
and refreshing streams.
Please, just let me send
these bountiful brooks to
soulfully beautiful you on

green pastures abiding! 


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saiom's picture

more beautiful as a tribute

more beautiful as a tribute to a loved one... than the Taj Mahal



saiom's picture

thank you Ugonna for sharing your light



C. Hill's picture

I never cease to be astonished by your talent in poetry
this piece is no grander and stately than all the rest and no less impressive then the rest. you love for nature is complete and lofty and I recieve these gifts from your lofty heart
a most grand piece
peace to you Ugonna

Judy Costea's picture

How beautiful your words excape your heart and soul for all to read. I sit here reading this and see everything in my mind as i walk with you through your poems. they take my breath away. Each one i read leaves me with such a peaceful feeling in my heart. I know where to come when i feel down or sad. Because reading your words light up my soul with such inner peace and beauty.
Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us all

Helen Schmidt's picture


Another lovely poem of gratitude, faith and sharing. I appreciate the spirituality you incorporate into your poetry. The use of nature's endowments as a metaphor is so effective. This is a beautiful poem indeed!


charisma's picture

Beautiful.....simply beautiful how you show wonderful nature through your words, thank you for sharing your bountiful brooks

gentle's picture

It is truly the man who sees the gifts that nature gives & is willing to return those gifts exactly the same way they were found.

Such words of profound wisdom were spoken here...


Gentle is the night♥

meso's picture

Being nature`s humple child
let me send these peacifull brooks
of my heart toyou
let me send you heaven`s
natural nimpus clothed
with fragrant flowers
and refreshing streams....

These are words that touches my soul,words that translate the essence of nature and humanity in a beautifull way,words that rekindle my heart.Milton.


Misty Lackey's picture

Lovely Work!

myrataal's picture

Dear Ugonna

This poem shakes the shackles from my feet and my whispering soul travels with the waterfalls and the winds ... Thank you, Eagle.

Kindest Regards.


Mary Charest's picture

You truly amaze me. Your insight is deeper than the ocean. Such a beautiful soul.

Betty Hattersley's picture

To natures humble child, let me send these peaceful brooks to give a new meaning to poetry..thank you.

Angela Albee's picture

another poem of beauty and nature and wonderful words that echo in my mind...

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

A+ and wonderful,thanks for lrtting me know

pudnsis1's picture

I walk through your valley, stir at the clouds, as the blooms all around are smiling. The wind whispers pass me leaving messages of love and strength. This is what you do for me. You are a disciple that I can see, touch, and listen to, though we are miles apart. Through your words you are always with me. Love and peace, Linda

vjochum's picture

Will you let me bathe in the bountiful brook of your heart?
You simply baptize me with the flowing waters of your soul Ugonna.
The visuals of your writings tease my inner eye with, I wish, I wish, I wish.....

tylerbaptiste's picture

this poem will soar among the clouds for years to come, it will fly in my heart for many seasons
encore encore

onelilartist's picture

When I read the words you write, I see the verdant valleys and spires of snow-clad peaks. I hear the animals just out of sight in the bush and feel the breeze sweep my skin. I realize that most of your work is allegory of a spiritual kind, but it surpasses the norm in that those who do not believe as you believe, can still read it with partial understanding and a sense of a well-spent few minutes. This is lovely and I appreciate your work.