Where's there's a heart there's no mercy


can hear my heart ache under the strain of a million thoughts..all pleading to escape, or move, or do whatever they do.

Is it to be happy, to find peace?  No they ellude peace, hunkering down, with all of their legs, laying eggs to hatch tomorrow or the next day.

Waiting for you to sit and find calmness. Hoping to disturb. It needs to burst.  

There's not enough room in that heart to contain all of the pain... How did it fill so full.. soo young, so often?

Each time feeling like the last, but only preparing for the rest to come.  Please ask it to spill, to release, not expand for others to begin.

The constant piercing has to end but that dream stays distant as a sunset running into the darkness.

If only I could catch up, hold on and wrap my arms around... It would feel sooo good, to find the peace .......do you hear it...?

The knocking... Their trying to escape.. It's about to begin... again....

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Vivid. Liked that read.

Vivid. Liked that read.

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