Volume One






What is this pain I feel, that can't be healed

love is the key, to set my heart free

the sound of thunder looms ahead

as I lay listening on my bed

looking out the window I pray

hoping so softly you would say

"I love you"

the soft tapping of the rain

laying here racking my brain

of this pain about to go insane

these feelings for her, they set my mind in a stir

I tend to stare for in my eye's she is there, and everywhere



"Fear of pain, so little gain

So much hate, so little fate”



your soft voice is an angel's choice

but I wish to hear the words

"I love you".

Soon the lightning and thunder start slowing

as the winds stop blowing.

The rain begins to sprinkle

and the stars begin to twinkle

soon the sun begins to rise,

the leaves start to dry

I begin to wonder what's the point.

Love hurts more then it helps.

The sky is now blue

and I figured out I wouldn't hear those words

"I love you"

but its hurts, because

"I love her"




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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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