Look across and see the dark

The art of disappearing

Unspoken words and emotions

Too sunken for resurfacing


Into the night it creeps

Becoming harder to endure

The day light helps it sleep

But the quiet forces its pulse


And the pain just crawls deeper

Until the strength to fight is gone

When the morning light shocks the senses

Despair lingers on


Throughout the day the walls get smaller

Hallways extend far into space

Tears swell in currents

Leaving ambivalence in their trace


It reminds me of your passing

When I saw the last light of hope

I couldn’t reach to you for many reasons

None of which you will ever know


The thoughts just sit in puddles

That I pray to go away

But puddles become oceans

with no escape 


I sense its arrival

try to prepare 

even send out signals 

to anyone that is there 


But the line is left unanswered

no one can hear the call

it isn't without caring 

no one can feel me fall


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The Deepest Abyss

You look inside and fall in

finding the Alice tumble

magical and absorbing.

Down is relative. The

pit is dark and summoning

looking back with dark

eyes as memories

repellant and mute

and welcoming.


Lady A