food is good, food is great

food is good.

it texts back.

i’ll always choose food.

even if it makes me fat.

food is great.

it will never leave.

food will ask you on a date.

it helps you while you grieve.

food will buy you flowers.

it is my entire life.

food will give you all its hours.

it will ask you to be its wife.

food will always be there.

it helps your tummy aches.

food will never laugh and stare.

it will never act fake.

food is good,


food is great.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a funny poem, and in no way am I a poet. It was written in a class period when I had nothing else to do. Don't take it too seriously.Tongue Out

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want to live without it. Food - Great first write! - Stella