wolf unleashed

Wolf Unleashed

By jfarrell


(loved them old horror films, lon chaney jr, peter cushing..)


My 50th birthday was my Lon Chaney Jr. Moment….

Collapsed, out of site,

Behind the kitchen table;


Everytime a bit hairier;

Everytime my teeth, especially my canines (vampire teeth);

A bit longer,

A bit sharper.


With each rise above the kitchen table…

More hair, longer teeth, and my clothes more ripped, more shredded…

…it happened…

Thank you

Lon Chaney Jr.


I became the Mr Hyde I’ve always waited to become….

And I’m so happy….

It’s the not the evil child raping monster I was expecting….

I CAN play guitar… DAMN…. I can play T’rex, Chuck Berry…

I can jam along with Clapton, Van Morrison, Iron Maiden…


I’m far from good… YET… but, damn, I CAN play

And I WILL get better

Like Lon Chaney Jr…

I gonna get more hairy….

I gonna let them teeth grow down to my knees….

Damn, am I gonna get hairy….

Hair alll the way down to my feet….



That’s my werewolf howl :-)


Dr Who got a new regeneration on Xmas Day;

I got mine first ;-)

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always loved them old horror movies

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run or hyde



The clock strikes twelve,

I feel my skin crawl,

The hairs stand on end,

I hear the faint sound of a howl around the bend,

Is it me..

Is it time?

Gee, my teeth are feeling ghoulish,

I run to lock the doors,

If visitors should come,

I'd feel foolish,

And yet,

After a brief shivering,

And a slow count to ten,

The only thing on my mind is 

To go out again,

To sit on a hillside,

And howl at the moon,

To watch as human morsels pass,

And wrassle them down into the grass,

My fangs to puncture supple skin,

My thirst to be quenched once again.



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