Christmas Hug


God! I never get sick,

24 hour stomach virus,

The waves of nausea,

Each one seems longer than the next,

And then cold sweats,

Kick covers off,

Pull covers up,

Moan a little, so I can hear I'm still alive.


Oh how I hate nausea.


Finally, 3:30 a.m.

I purge, gratefully so,

And my throat burns,

The taste is awful,

And I curl up like a kitten in bed

To listen to the wind howl outside my window.

It's warm and I feel comforted.


I doze off thinking next time 

I'll be more sensitive about my needs

So I don't have to puke my guts up

To feel comforted.


I hate nausea,

Oh I hate it

Like another Christmas spent

With everyone else but you.



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Scientific Observation


Plague victims, as they gave in to the infection were observed, and noted to have loss of coordination, confusion, decrease in some mental functions and increase in others while in the early stages, In the later stages, increased aggression was noted, along with an increase in strength, which seemed offset the lack of coordination. Once in the final stages, their violent nature would become too mu
ch for normal restraints, and they would often break free, and over power even four doctors or more, biting and clawing which can infect anyone who is attacked; they also have a tendency to spit and throw saliva, as their glands go into over drive producing a large amount fluid. This presented the biggest threat outside of just breathing the same air in close proximity.

Standing at the gate of imprisonment


At remains of the bridge, she stood; looking out across the void that once connected Victor Island to the world beyond its borders. What was suppose to be a sanctuary for the living, was found to be a desolate graveyard; a prison that now held her within is walls. Only the midnight wind offered any comfort, as it wrapped its cold, numbing arms around her. On her soft, pale face, it kissed her gently, as if to kiss away the exhaustion and the scars she carried.