It is a universal truth that time moves onward…hour by hour…day by day 

flowing in but one direction…stopping for no one along the way.


The time that’s measured by our clocks marches forward…absolutely

The time that ages our bodies…advances resolutely.


But there is a countenance of time that plays by a different set if rules

defying the lessons, the information, the things we were taught in school.


It’s when old friends get together…for no matter how much time’s amassed

in that moment they are young again…as if no time has passed. 


There is a wrinkle in the time continuum…a wrinkle all friends know

allowing them to immediately pick up from where they left off years ago. 


It matters not how much they’ve aged…if they are old and grey…

for the moment they get together…the years between them fall away.


And though it goes against the laws of nature…and occurs without reason or rhyme…

they begin to feel younger…as they travel back in time.


They feel blessed time has has allowed

to relive old joys and smiles

Blessed as time journeys ever onward


she has paused for them a while.

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It passes between them silently

the moment their two hearts blend

Still, they feel the joy 

the surprise

and the wonder

when two people 



two friends

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They grew up close together…sharing laughter…sharing frowns

playing in their backyards…hanging upside-down.


The world was oh so different then, as they hung so effortlessly

It was a simpler, uncomplicated time…more innocent and free.


A time when all that children needed to do was laugh and sing and play

when hanging upside down…unimpeded…they would sway.


For they were making memories…no future memory would surpass

As they hung there…upside down…or ran barefoot in the grass.


And as they look back at this picture now…it’s those memories they see

awakening from a place where they shall always be…


And when thy close their eyes to remember…that certain time…that certain year

sometimes it brings a smile…sometimes it brings a tear


Because they realize how lucky they are 

to have shared a life time of laughter

and of frowns…

from a friendship that began so man-years ago

while hanging upside down.

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When I think of friendship…I rather like the notion

that we are captains of our own ships that sail across the ocean


As we grow our ship grows with us at a slow and steady rate

growing longer, wider, stronger the more friends we accumulate.


As we sail across life’s ocean…we find from day to day

new friends board at different ports…while old ones disembark along the way.


Some return to visit to share a memory…a laugh, a cry 

because there’s always room aboard our ship for those who’ve said goodbye.


For once we’ve made a friend…it doesn’t matter how or where or when

the friendship reignites when our sails cross again.


And some friends, if we’re lucky sail with us forever…

through oceans vast and wide…

and we’re filled with a sense of happiness knowing they are by our side…


Knowing we can count on them no matter what waves the ocean brings…

as each year cycles from the Summer, to the Fall, Winter and Spring.


Knowing no matter where the journey takes us…through weather foul or fair

all we need do is turn around and they’ll be standing there.


And knowing as we sail together…sharing our hopes and dream…our cares

that as our friends help sail our ship…we help sail theirs 


ready to lend and ear a hand…a hug…or with a kind word to say

together on each other’s friend-ship…until our dying day.


Yes, when I think of friendship…I rather like the notion

That though we are the captains it is our friends 


who guide ‘cross the ocean.

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In the nearly 200 countries in this world spread out across the 7 seas

how lucky are we to discover friends with whom to share our histories.


Two old friends decided to get together…they hadn’t sees each other in years

Will he remember me? one wondered…Will he recognize me? the other feared.


They’d both grown a little older…but doubts…they immediately overcame

because their eyes had that same sparkle…their smiles were the same.


They sat down and reminisced about the last time their paths crossed

Immediately forgetting all the time between them they had lost.


They talked about their childhoods, their children, their ailments…and more

remembering and laughing at good times they shared before….


And when they were finished…they walked away contented…each one giving thanks

for this time they had together…to fill in all the blanks…


To get caught up on each other’s lives…to renew their laughter…their friendship…

and then

parting with the knowledge…their paths shall cross again.


And glad to know in nearly 200 countries….across the 7 seas

they were lucky enough to find someone with whom to share their memories.




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Some people believe happiness is a myth…of that assumption I have my doubts

for every day I am glad to discover so much to be happy about.


When I was young I’d secretly hope the day would never end

when I was outside playing in my neighborhood with friends.


or when seated around our table…talking non-stop…incessantly

eating, in between our words, with friends and family.


In my neighborhood, in my house…at my table…up a tree…

happiness was everywhere I went…it seemed to be following me.


and it continues to follow me today…with family, with friends…when talking,

when eating, playing, singing, dancing,…in silence or when walking.


In a mountain lake wildly swimming with family…I feel just as much elation

as when sitting quietly in a church for my granddaughter’s confirmation…


It is not a myth that happiness surrounds my heart…

allowing it to float carefree

or that each day it is more and more enhanced


by the people surrounding me.

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He writes of love…

of friends…

of family…

and he is the first one to concede…

not because they are all he has


but because they are all he needs.

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3 girls grow up in a neighborhood…brought together by the hands of fate

too innocent to know back then the breadth of the friendship they’d create.


Three girls now 3 good friends…spending the best part of their childhood

laughing and running and playing together…through the streets of their neighborhood .


Three girls…now three adults…older…more mature

knowing no matter where life takes them…their friendship will endure.


Three girls…now older ladies…who, after marriages and motherhood,

rekindled the magic of that friendship they formed in childhood.


Three women…who, when they get together, somehow seem to glow

in the beauty of a friendship created all those years ago..


For is there anything more beautiful than 3 women enjoying the present… 

appreciative of the friendship they’ve amassed

and looking forward to a future 


held together by the past?

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