(As I watch what’s happening in this country and around the world,

I see the evilness and I think…people…BEWARE!

So let me express in my words the words of François-Marie Aroue…

you may know him as Voltaire.)




When we see injustice and prejudice and hatred

and only say that we abhor it…

when we see people causing others pain 

and do nothing but ignore it.


Then we are like a snowflake in an avalanche

that doesn’t hold itself accountable…


and the problem we are facing…



is truly insurmountable.

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Auto Phobia (Hatred of oneself)


It is not an object that ought to be joked or ridiculed at sight.

It will destroy you during the day; it will destroy you at night.

It will destroy you every waking second of each day.

It will destroy your affiliations and make others turn the opposite way

It will extinguish your triumphs and make them appear petty.

It will provide you the urge to pick up that like a machete.

It is not just something you can get rid of at whatever time you choose.

It passes around an addiction to afflict your own bruise.

It will capture your body and leave you with no control.

It is like life in prison with no chance at parole.

It is a murderer. It is an evil. It is a disease.

It will have you just constantly weeping on your knees.

No individual can help for they do not understand,

They look past the scars that are at the point proximal to your hand.

-Jasmine Skye


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