Lace Flakes



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Blanketing snowflakes
and for our sakes
they melt and gather
as Queen Anne's Lace


-saiom shriver-

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"The Lighthouse"

Ice crystals collect upon the lighthouse tower,

The ray of spiraling light ripping through a curtain of fibrous white.

A stream of silence signals those lost upon the waves,

Bringing them home to a shore of evergreen and fir.


A village stays hidden in the hills between the mountains,

Houses lay sleeping, exhaling twisted smoke.

Snow flakes fall weightless against a world painted in white acrylics,

Pine branches shivering against the gentle crystal kiss.


Rose buds become breathless under a blanket of quiet snow,

The warmth of the fire counteracts a frigid winter night.

The lighthouse whispers gently to those lost among the waves,

"Follow my beam, I'll guide you, safely back to shore."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just love the power of the lighthouse: safety, protection, and promise; a guide home.

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Glistening snow shapes,
Falling, twirling and dancing,
But forever ice...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple Haiku describing how a snowflakes life works. Contast between life and inactivity of a snowflake, given through human preception, vs. the actually nature of a snowflake.

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