My Nextdoor Boy

This Love


Like a gift, I never even expected,
Like a dream, really coming true,
My life felt, complete at last,
When you said to me, "I Love You."
Words I never expected to hear,
From the love, I always recalled,
Caress my soul in warming glow,
And have left me so enthralled.
I never thought, when we met again,
It would ever lead us, to all this,
Even though I never forgot your smile,
Never forgot, the taste of your kiss.
I truly feel the hand of God,
For only He, ever knew my heart-
That only God could pair us together,
When it seemed, I was falling apart.
I no longer live in saddened state,
No, now I live in such total joy.
For the rest of my life will now be shared,
With my long-lost, nextdoor boy!

Author's Notes/Comments: 
I Love You So Very, Very Much, My Sweet Gary!!
Forever Yours,
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What I Want

This Love


I want to go to sleep beside you
And wake up in your arms.
Stare into your beautiful eyes,
Be taken with your charms.
I want my lips against your skin,
To taste the essence of you.
Run my fingers through your hair,
And learn you, thru and thru.
I want to cuddle up beside you,
And feel so safe and secure,
Gently stroke your face,
And share this love so pure.
I want to hold your hand,
I want to kiss your lips.
I want to see you hovering,
Just above my hips.
I want to feel you fully,
Deep inside my very core.
I want to share a passion,
We've never known before.
I want to be the one,
That you can't live without.
For you are that to me,
Of this, I have no doubt.
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My Gary

This Love


You've brought to me, the sunshine,
Where before, was only the rain.
You've given to me, a joy,
Where there was only pain.
You made me feel alive,
When I felt cold and dead.
And gave me reason to hope,
When all I had was dread.
My Gary, you've given me love,
When I thought it was too late,
For me to ever find such again,
Until we met again, by fate.
I want to be all things to you-
Soulmate, lover, best friend.
At your side, is where I'll be,
Until my life, does end.
I promise to you always, my loyalty,
And I give to you, my very heart.
And this I swear, with all I am...
Never again, will we ever part.
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