You'll Be Glad You Did!

When it came to raising children

my parents held one key.

They often, for no reason,

said how proud they were of me.


They’d tell me how they loved me

from the time when I was small

sometimes when I was sitting there...

not doing anything at all!


It taught me a wonderful lesson:

To show your children a love that lasts forever

tell them often that you love them...

for no reason whatsoever.


If you do this over and over

from the time they’re just a kid...

by the time they are adults...


you’ll all be glad you did!

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"Paint My Ceiling Blue"

One night as we tucked her into bed
She said, “Do you know what I want you to do?”
“Tell me.” we said with a smile...
“I want you to paint my ceiling blue.”

“And I want it to be sprinkled...
with clouds...
fluffy and white.
Because I want to know the sky is there
when I fall asleep at night.”

“But when we turn out the lights,” we said in parent thought,
“you won’t be able to see the sky.”
“It’s for when I fall asleep,” she smiled,
“and dream that I can fly.”

And who are we to quibble
with logic so innocent and bright?
So the next day we painted her ceiling blue
sprinkled with clouds...
fluffy and white.


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Too Busy

He said, “Not now. I am too busy.
I just don’t have the time.”
Not now, I am too busy,
would become his paradigm.

“Not now, I am too busy.”
I quickly came to see
Meant he was too busy with other things
and didn’t have time for me.

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Lessons From Childhood

As parents we work hard...
we constantly endeavor
To teach our children lessons
We hope will last forever...

Like kindness, acceptance, love...
compassion, sympathy and sharing
Like tenderness, humanity,
Like empathy and caring.

So when life gets confusing
when they feel lost...misunderstood
Their foundation will be strong
built on lessons from childhood.

Lessons meant to help them
In a world that can feel misbegotten
Lessons we hope they remember...

Lessons many...have forgotten.


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